Randy Jones- Music's Best COWBOY

There are few items in the history of American culture that carry the same iconic weight as the cowboy hat. It is the one item of apparel that can be worn in any corner of the world and receive immediate recognition. As the old cowboy saying goes, 'It's the last thing you take off and the first thing that is noticed.' Still, what keeps your attention is the cowboy himself.

Readers throw on your cups and saddle up and ride behind me as I take to the trails with a cowboy that is an iconic superstar in the music industry. That’s right readers, you know me, if I am going to ride with a cowboy, I am going to ride with the best cowboy in town.  Who is he?  Well partners, he is RANDY JONES - actor, author, American Music Award winner and multi-platinum recording artist.  He is the original Cowboy of the music industry as well as the founding member of Village People. Randy’s career spans four decades, that has seen success many in this business only dream of.  More particularly, Randy’s tenure with the Village People is what catapulted him into mega stardom, yet even after the band dissembled, Randy still independently sold 100 million units through his individual works of musical art.

Randy with out his Jeansss... oppssss!


Best known for his attachment to hits like "Macho Man", "In the Navy, and "Y.M.C.A," Randy has earned 65 Gold and Platinum record certificates, toured worldwide, starred in the camp classic film "Can't Stop the Music", graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and, in 2008, garnered a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. With honor and pleasure I am pleased to introduce the sexy mojo mojo.... oooopps.... I mean “macho macho man” Mr. Randy Jones.

David: Howdy cowboy, how is your saddle treating you?

Randy: My saddle has been and still is very supportive of the way I ride in the entertainment mountains.

Prince of Media David Rabadi and Icon Randy Jones

David: Now, lets get the cowboy business out of the way.  During your time with the Village People, it is easy to understand how that group most of the times looked unusual at that time, but most definitely would fit right in with the high levels of unusual that are rampant in the music industry today.  Did you ever feel self-conscious about being in the Village People?

Randy: Being apart of the Village People I speak for the whole group, we were very conscious of our selves in that we were all different and excepting of each other with a common ground, our love and passion for music, coming together as a group in hope that the people all over the world that live in villages embrace each other as humans and respect the person they are.

David:Tell me how you stay relevant for over four decades in an industry that recycles stars faster than a bottle deposit machine?

Randy: My passion, love and respect for people in the music industry keeps me in the cycle, I make music to help people express what they can't say, some people use music to trap and humiliate others, that is deceitful. People like that will always play the wrong track and no-one will be around to listen at the end.

Prince of Media David Rabadi and Icon Randy Jones

David: Do you like where music has been going lately, or do you feel like anybody who has half a decent voice and can make up three sentences can get a record deal?

Randy: So much has changed in the music industry, as in the world. I would have to say music is going where the world is going. I just hope music will always inspire people to do the right thing. That is to listen with your heart and dance from the soul.


David: You are being honored this year by The OUT AWARDS on December 1, How do feel about that?


Randy: I am so very excited and honored to receive the award. I look forward to celebrating! You better be there.

David: You know I am coming and dancing on stage : ) Have you ever been in a heated argument with someone and resorted to singing your response to lessen the tension?


Randy: LOL Yes I have and let me tell you it does the trick.


David: What is one thing that truly speaks to your heart enough that you could write a three line verse right now about if asked to?

Randy:Self Respect!

Dancing 2 Y.M.C.A

David:How about it – give me three lines?

Randy: How about four letters? Y.M.C.A. 


David:Any last words to the readers.


Randy: Thanks for reading, supporting and David/ Prince of media, you are truly amazing your kindness can put people under a table and your strength can move a mountain. Keep up the great work! My new Nephew!

Prince with his COWBOY


David: No Randy you are amazing and thank you!

Readers: I had the pleasure to spend the weekend in AC with Randy and his entourage. He performed at the Taj Mahal for the Disco Era Ball. He brought the house down as I watched his electrifying performance. I felt blessed to be in his presence and very greatful that I was given the opportunity to write about him.. Lets always make love to MUSIC! 

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