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I admit I am a Disney loyalist, always have been and always will.  Truly, I believe when Disney works their magic, you can expect a breathtaking, imaginative, extravaganza.  That magic worked last night and is still working today.  I’ve been humming, whistling, and unfortunately for those around me, singing about chimneys, spoons full of sweetness, and a certain tongue twisting, thrilling, word.


The Pratically Perfect Mary Poppins


Mary Poppins the musical, is a delightful, whimsical, and always endearing, adaptation of a well loved classic.  I spent 2 ½ hours enthralled in a first rate musical that sent me on a journey full of charming surprises.  Besides the magic show, witty comedy, colorful costumes, amazing set designs, and a bit of acrobatics; I was privileged to thoroughly enjoy some new music that was clever, catchy, and fit perfectly with the super nanny theme.  Kudos to the whole kit and caboodle of magic users who put this production together.  Talented people are still being born on this earth.  Halleluiah!


Mary and Bert on the rooftop


One particular scene, set in the bank is a visual stunner.  A crisp, black, grey, and white, color scheme including a magnificent illusion of the interior of a large building was incredible.  The other “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” scene was in the second act, and had me wishing for a rewind button so that I could greedily live in that moment again and again.  It was the chimney sweeps singing and dancing to a “Step in Time”.  I would never dare spoil it for you, so you will just have to see the magic for yourself, but it was so much fun, and the whole audience gave out an audible gasp at the perfect moment.


Step in Time with the Chimney Sweeps


Have I gushed enough?  Well, to bring it all down to reality and an imperfect world, there were some problems, that slapped me out of my musical euphoria.  Actor’s mikes would not always kick on soon enough to catch the first few words, and unfortunately this tech problem happened several times.  The happy ending is that I was quickly entranced, enchanted, and  ensconced back in London within mere seconds of the sting.  No harm done.


The new nanny and her bag of tricks


May I state here and now that I was and am completely and utterly under the spell of Rachel Wallace who beautifully and undeniably played the lead, Mary Poppins.  Let me rephrase that:  She is Mary Poppins and I am convinced beyond doubt, that she is living at the moment, incognito as Rachel Wallace.  I am sure she was gracious enough to give Ms. Andrews some hints and insights into her personality and character those many years ago, when Julie Andrews was playing Mary.  Surely the true Mary (disguised as Rachel Wallace) had hoped Disney could find someone to do her justice this time around for the theatre version but having seen the lack of nanny talent, she graciously stepped in.  True magic needs to show itself every so often.  Go see Mary Poppins.  Ms. True Magic is showing herself at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City and it only happens once in a lifetime.  This is your lifetime.


Bert, a man of many talents


MARY POPPINS is playing at the Capitol Theatre through September 25th.  

Performances will run Tuesday through Thursday evenings at 7:30pm,

Fridays at 8pm.

Saturdays at 2pm and 8pm.

Sundays at 1pm and 6:30pm.

There will be a 2pm matinees on Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 23.

There will not be a 6:30pm performance on Sunday, September 25. 

Ticket prices start as low as $23.50. Special Premium Ticket Packages are available at select performances, and include premium seating and a complimentary souvenir program.  

Tickets are available at the Capitol Theatre Box Office, 50 West 200 South Salt Lake City, Utah 84101, at ArtTix outlets and online at 

To charge tickets, call ArtTix at (801)-355-ARTS (M-F10am-6pm). 

Orders for groups of fifteen (15) or more may be placed by calling (801) 703-2057.


Additional cities and tour dates:


San Antonio– Majestic Theatre

September 29 –October 9, 2011


Chicago– Cadillac Palace Theatre

October 13 –November 6, 2011


Toronto– Princess of Wales Theatre

 November 10 –December 18, 2011




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