Madonna's MDNA Concert in Vancouver September 2012 – The Pop Icon is still a World Superstar

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My brother surprised me with a ticket to Madonna's MDNA concert on September 29, 2012 in Vancouver, Canada. This was to pre-celebrate my birthday.

Madonna was fashionably late. The show started at almost 10.30pm. She appeared in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena for two performances which took place on September 29th and the 30th. Her show had overtones of religious iconography, African drums and even showcased her playing the guitar.

Madonna concert in Vancouver

Deep Gregorian chants filled the air at the start of the show with a pendulum swinging from side to side and with monks ringing church bells. It was a beautifully eerie beginning - setting the stage for her grand entrance. Madonna then burst onto the stage with alacrity. The stellar show had begun!   

The stage was colorful and dramatic with multi-media effects despite the fact that Rogers Arena is awkwardly shaped and probably the worst stadium I have ever seen.  The dancers and acrobats had well- choreographed routines. There were LED screen lifts, acrobats in prison overalls bouncing on ropes, a marching band, huge moving mirrors and African drums.

Multi-media lights

Madonna, the cheeleader and a Marching Band


Madonna in concert

Madonna’s “Gang Bang” song was like out of a Hollywood movie set with guns blazing and fights with a lover. It reminded me of why I like being an actress so much. The song and its drama had a unique style and a powerful seductive quality. It was bad ass!

Gun scene with Madonna at a seedy Paradise Motel

A Bollywood inflected song called “I’m a Sinner” did not seem to be so popular. There were many new songs (many in which Madonna played her guitar) along with splashes of her old songs such as “Vogue” (which the audience loved), “Holiday”, Open Your Heart” and “Like a Prayer”.

Madonna in concert

Madonna in concert. Niki Minaj backdrop

At one point Madonna addressed the audience for about ten to fifteen minutes about the “Vancouver” or I would say “Canadian” reserve. I felt sorry for Madonna as this audience was probably the dullest she has ever encountered and certainly not as vivacious as say a Brazilian audience. Madonna asked why the Vancouver audience was so quiet. She asked if they were tired and she got no response. Then she asked if they were shy and she still got no response. She asked if it was because they did not know the lyrics to her songs. Still the audience was reticent. She even spent the next ten minutes trying to rile up the audience and asked them to be loud and sing along the words to her songs but still to no avail. I was one of the few who could not stop dancing to her music and was vocal.       

 A performer also feeds off the audience and this audience was dull and Madonna did try – she tried really hard! She even mentioned how hard she worked to put this together and judging from the caliber of the show it was apparent. She said:

"I hope you can appreciate how hard we're working up here".

I enjoyed Madonna’s new songs. Her voice was strong and you could tell that she has had the voice training and decades of experience singing and performing in numerous concerts and venues around the world.  She still has the moves and is fitter than many young adults of today.   

Acrobats in prison outfits


Madonna in concert


Acrobats in prison outfits

Madonna continues to claim her crown as the Queen of Pop even decades after her first debut to the world stage. 


Madonna will perform in Los Angeles on Wednesday October 10th and Thursday October 11th2012 at the Staples Center.


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