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Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails - The Official Winter Kick Off Party

By Meagan Sargent

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The Scene! HDHR 2013! Courtesy Photo

Whether it’s a: Caballerial, Crippler Air, McTwist, or Poptart which ever fancies you, you can believe it was all seen this past weekend at Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails (HDHR) What started off as a ‘novelty’ has progressed and has quickly honed the title ‘winter kick off party’, and I had the chance to check out the action myself.

Staying at The Robin Hood Resort set for the perfect place of residency for my stay. A true 'home away from home', the resort had everything you could imagine- complete with a fireplace, jacuzzi tub, and a restaurant onsite.

Over 40 pro-snowboarders from all over the world, even different countries such as: Russia, Japan, and Canada, came to Bear Mountain to participate. Riders included: Tommy Gesme, Dylan Thompson, Cam Pierce, Lucas Magoon, Dylan Alito, Johnny Lazzareschi, Brandon Hobush, Scott Vine, Erik Leon, Zak Hale, Jordan Small, Melissa Evans, Corinne Pasela, Desiree Melancon, Nirvana Ortanez, Isabella Boriello, and many others, were in attendance to compete for bragging rights and the chance to get their ‘fix’ on snowboarding and skiing again in Big Bear!

Shreddin Down Rail! Courtesy Photo

 “We look forward to this event every year it’s actually bigger and better than any winter event we do” says Rio Tanbara, director of marketing for Bear Mountain Resort. “Big Bear is an all mountain park and has been leading the pack for 10 years.” Two sixty-minute sessions allowed plenty of time for competitors to familiarize themselves with the course and try out the plentiful options. “As a judge I’m looking for consistency, you have to ride a while to get used to the setup” says JP ‘The Don’ Walker. “Many people get out here and want to do a quick trick, but you have to jam and feel it out, so overall I’m looking for consistency.” The party kicked off at 2:30pm and the slopes filled quickly with hopefuls that were amped up for the wintery months ahead! Judges had their hands full trying to narrow it down to a few lucky winners! Judges included: Dave Downing, JP Walker, Joe Sexton, Chris Bradshaw, and Scott Stevens.

Check Out That Air! Courtesy Photo

A Jam-Packed Day of Snowboarding! Courtesy Photo

“My goal is to activate the neurons and make people wish they were boarding, says pro-snowboarder Scott Vine. “Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is the biggest winter kick-off party of the year- it’s a huge reunion, and you can’t beat that!” Tommy Gesme took home first place, winning him a whopping $10,000 which he claimed he would ‘go to the bar and look into car stuff’ with his big winnings. Coming in second was Dillon Ojo who won $2,500, followed by Jordan Small who placed third and took home $1,000. Jaeger Bailey took home the best trick award, and $500, for his 50-50 hardway 270 transfer. Melissa Evans, who was awarded $1,000 took it home for the women!

All of These Obstacles Will Remain at The Mountain During The Winter Months! Courtesy Photo

“This year’s event was bigger and better than ever,” said Clayton Shoemaker, Director of Youth Marketing and Park Development for Big Bear Mountain Resorts. “Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails is the ultimate winter kick-off party. If we can put on an event like this before winter even arrives, imagine what the park is like when the season hits. Bear Mountain really is the place to be this winter.”

Courtesy Photo

HDHR is an event for all ages! Courtesy Photo

It goes without further saying that HDHR was definitely the place to be and the ‘mountain of choice’ for many as it provides a ‘good, refreshing state of mind’! So grab your season lift ticket and we’ll see you in Big Bear Mountain Resorts!



Published on Sep 26, 2013

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