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Hayari Paris

Genius are born, while some Genius are made. Nabil Hayari of Hayari Couture Paris is a born Genius! Again and again he keeps thrilling his clients all over the World. The Genius designer, is based in Paris, with his showroom located in "Centro Paris," by Champsee Elysees, the tourist center of the whole World at No. 3 Avenue Matignon, Paris, France. The most remarkable thing about this World  Renowned fashion house is the connectivity, and intermingling of the Genius with his devoted clients Worldwide. I am seriously amazed by how the two men spearheading this history making fashion house, Hugues Alard, as always in charge of the business section and Nabil Hayari, the Genius Designer, could work relentlessly in their fashion house and at the sametime, cover all the huge events all over the World. For instance, during the Oscars, three of Hayari's Gorgeous gowns were seen at  different Red carpet events in Hollywood, courtesy of an international Fashionista, and TV Personality, Gorgeous Melanie Mar.


Melanie Mar in Hayari Gorgeous Gown

 Melanie Mar, has been a devoted client of Hayari Couture Paris for the past few years, she has been dedicated, at the sametime commited to this fashion house, and we love her for that. Melanie Mar kicked off the Oscar Week with the adorable Hayari Floral white Gown, it's a gown that serves different purposes. This gorgeous white floral gown could be used for the Red Carpet Events, Regular cocktail parties, and at the sametime for a Wedding. Yes, one can actually have a Dream wedding with this Gown, and that's why l call it a "Wonder  Gown," thanks to our Creative Guru, Monsieur Hayari. l have always envisioned Hayari Gowns on Disney Movies, and this Gown is one of my "Top Picks."  And I am saying this because of the complexities, the many sides and the magical nature of Hayari's  Gorgeous  Gowns.


Melanie Mar in Hayari Paris Floral Gown


Our Red Carpet Sweetheart, Melanie Mar was on "Hollywood Domino Gala Red Carpet Event,"  shinning bright like a diamond in the sky with Hayari's adorable beauty," the dazzling white floral gown." Yes, she shone and radiated beauty bright like a diamond in the sky with the whole ensemble, and this is not an understatement. The adornment is like a match made in Heaven as the Gown superbly fits her physique. It was such  a joy to see a Beauty, sporting an exquisitely curated Gorgeous Gown from an incredibly history making fairytale fashion house.


Melanie Mar in Hayari Paris Cocktail Gown

While we were still waiting to exhale from the reactions seen during the "Hollywood Domino Gala event," our Red carpet sweetheart, Melanie Mar once again was seen sporting Hayari's one-of-a-kind, sexy, sensual, flimsy, and breathtaking Gown at  "TOM FORD Red Carpet Event," with John Legend and other Celebs. As if enough is not enough, the gown was celebratized beyond our imagination, because it's kind of different from what people normally wear on a regular Red Carpet events. But Melanie Mar stole the spotlight, by showing off her legs thanks to Monsieur Hayari's Creative nature. Yes, "She got Legs." If you have it, show it, that's what l normally say. 


Melanie Mar in Hayari Paris Exquisite Gown

It was like we are done here, as if we've had enough of Hayari Couture Paris Gorgeous Gowns on the A-List Red Carpet Events. But while we were not Looking, Our fashionista, once again stormed and thrilled the Oscars, at the famous Vanity Fair Oscar Event, this time around, she was adorned with the Streamlined, A-shaped, body hugging, Exquisitely designed Hayari's Famous Gorgeous Red Evening Gown. The dress is also a One-of-a-kind. It is a favorable gown of all times, an incomparable, intricately designed  Royal Beauty. Yes, Melanie Mar stole the Spotlight, not once, not twice, but three times. And l must appluad our Genius designer Nabil Hayari, for a job well done. And  BRAVO to our Red Carpet Sweetheart, Fashionista, and TV Personality, Melanie Mar!


Melanie Mar With John Legend at Tom Ford Oscar Event


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