Cabo San Lucas - Exhilarating Fun For All Ages

Beautiful! Cabo San Lucas-why would you ever want to leave?! Courtesy Photo

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the 3rd installment of the Los Cabos International Film Festival attendees were able to challenge themselves and take on mini-excursions in order to take in all that Los Cabos had to offer, as well as engage our inner child.

A day of fun was set before us as we set off to Wild Canyon. Wild Canyon was a place located 30 minutes outside of Los Cabos, in San Jose, and had something for everyone.  Feeling like an adult playground we were all given the option of ziplining, camel rides, or riding ATVs.

ATV's along the beach! Courtesy Photo

Zipling seemed like a natural easy choice for me to make. Over the span of 8 courses guests were able to hike up to an altitude of over 300 feet and being suspended in the middle of nature was an indescribable feeling!

All the activities at Wild Canyon range from $75.00 for children to an average of $100.00 for adults. Depending on the excursion a $20.00 insurance may also have to be purchased.

Following our day at Wild Canyon we went to see the local artisans at the art walk. Ranging from handmade crotchet dolls, homemade jellies, to a variety of canvas style art, and jewelry.

A lovely 4 course dinner was served for us at Mi Cocina at Casa Natalia, dishes included a smoked tuna baguette paired with a tomato spice. cactus salad, ricotta ravioli in a light buttery, white wine topping. For the main course the restaurant did a fine take on your average Spanish molė. The dish was light battered pork and rice, slightly glazed with a balsamic molė sauce.

You would never know that the restaurant had been shut down because of the major damages from the hurricane, but as owner Nathalie Tenoux says, "we re-opened up only 12 days ago, we have to keep moving!" Due to the excellent service and quality of this restaurant and its morality, Mi Casa provided upscale fine dining service without the hefty pricing.

White Lions at G-Force Adventures. Courtesy Photo

Our next day of activities took place at G-Force Adventures.  A day full of ATV riding along with seeing two white tigers. "These white tigers are becoming extinct, says Fernando Puga, owner of G-Force Activities. There are nine in the wild and only 300 in the world, and we are looking to rescue more." Seeing Milo and Bomba, 2 years old and 20 months respectfully, were the names of the lovable white tigers that were on sight.

After falling in love with these creatures we all strapped up and embarked on the hour atv tour, which consisted of riding along the beach and through small towns backroads.

G-Force Adventures have many different excursions for guests. Ranging from 2 hours to 5, and even a fishing trip in the mix. Pricing for these trips are fairly priced at $100.00 per person and can reach $220.00 for the 5 hour trip which includes a waterfall and a 3 mile river bed!

Ziplining at Wild Canyon! Courtesy Photo

An afternoon of off the wall entertainment came to a halt when we all dined at Romeo Y Julieta, a quant restaurant with a 'homemade' feel to it. No one was prepared for the delicious feast that was set before us. One by one the rich, savory plates came out. From portobello mushrooms covered with spinach in a light gorgonzola sauce to the chicken parmesan hand tossed in their house pesto sauce, everything was truly a delight. Ther service, food, and talent of the staff at Romeo Y Julieta truly made for this to be an indescribable experience.

Chicken Parmesan from Romeo Y Julieta.

Besides being immersed in the beautiful scenery of Cabo, you can't help but fall in love with all it has to offer. Whether you are beach side, back road, or suspended in the air in the wild, Cabo San Lucas is surely a glorious destination to meet your every need.

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