Boston Band Elsewhere's EP 1981 Hits U.S. Market

Elsewhere 1981 EP Album Cover

Boston-based progressive/power-pop/punk rock band Elsewhere has released its hit EP 1981 to American audiences after receiving rave reviews and critical acclaim in Europe.  With success from the UK to Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Finland and The Czech Republic, the album is currently sold in major European retail stores. 1981 can also be purchased online at iTunes and CD Baby.  Stateside, the band’s video for title track “1981” has been airing on Comcast and Verizon Fios, including Havoc TV, WCAATV’s “Video Jam,” Eye Music Network, JBTV and The Indie Music Video Show.


PureGrain Audio has called Elsewhere “one of Boston’s best unheard bands.”  AOL Radio Blog comments, “they’re headed to big places,” and The Noise music magazine states, “there’s a lot to like here.” 


Elsewhere’s track “To the Surface” is a tribute to those that were victims of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.  The song’s meaningful message was recently featured in Belgium’s #1 rock magazine, Rock Tribune.


Front man Michael Aroian says, “Because of my own Armenian heritage, I feel that it is important that we educate and share the historical facts around what happened in 1915 in Armenia.  For me, it’s a way to honor family members that were lost—and keep their memory alive.”


Musically-influenced by an array of both British and North American acts, including Rush, U2, Duran Duran, Radiohead, The Sex Pistols, Nirvana and The Killers(often being referred to as a more guitar-driven version of the latter), Elsewhere has been making music together for several years, and has released three albums to date, including Outbound and Perception, boasts placement in both film and TV (including “Mr. Sadman” and MTV’s “Live Through This”) and shows no signs of slowing down. With Michael Aroian on guitar and lead vocals, Craig Morrison on drums and Marc Ubaldino on bass, these atypical rockers throw another interesting twist into the mix: their corporate-worker-by-day job status. This duality makes their energy and presence undeniable.


This talented musical trio continues to leave its mark on some of music’s greatest subgenres by seamlessly fusing together the energy and emotion of upbeat punk with the abstract and creative nature of new wave progressive rock.  Refusing to be pigeon-holed into one musical styling, Elsewhere fearlessly experiments in all directions–energetic and synth grooves, simple but introspective lyrics, and catchy vibrant beats coupled with smooth vocal delivery and high quality post-production efforts.  Housed in a beautiful digi-pak, their much anticipated follow-up album does not disappoint and refreshingly offers a number of radio-friendly pop hits.


The title track and first single “1981” is a reflective and bittersweet memoir, laced with new wave tones and an electric-groove rhythm.  Boston rock DJ Carmelita ofWAAF (107.3 FM) has lauded the song as “brilliant on so many different levels.” This aptly titled track alludes to a simpler time while epitomizing music’s increasingly popular sound during that same year.  Mike Gill (credits include Dropkick Murphys, The Bravery, Bid D & The Kids Table), director of the music video for “1981,” captures the heart of the song by weaving iconic references and flashbacks between clips of the sunglass-clad trio jamming in the summertime sun.  The album’s second single, “Before the Stars Align,” is a riff-driven, power-infused pop track.  Other notable tracks on the album include “To the Surface” and“Retreat.”


On the heels of Elsewhere’s great success, positive press coverage and airplay in Europe, their splash into the American market is sure to be a big one. In support of the 1981 EP release, keep you eyes and ears open for Elsewhere on the airwaves, on TV and at rock music festivals throughout the country.

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