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So far 2014 has been pretty heavily influenced by all things 80s, from sitcoms on TV (The Goldbergs), to big-screen remakes (Robocop, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) with plans already in the works for a new take on Jem and The Holograms. That fantastic cult cartoon classic, made popular by Synergy, star shaped make-up and it's sweet, sweet, synth pop sound. 

So to get you fully immersed in 'synthy indie rhythms', real music maker Blunda (Andy Blunda) is performing live on the heels of his latest EP release, Messages. More new wave mixed with melancholy, Blunda might have more in common with the tunes of Jem's arch nemesis The Misfits, as his sound leans towards Depeche Mode. With Duran Duran inspired beats, bass and cinematic crescendos. There's a groove in there, it's just a slightly slower, darker one. 


Preview Tracks: 'Messages'

1. A Broken Case

 2. If You Want Me

One could imagine the track A Broken Case playing in a scene from The Breakfast Club, or Pretty in Pink, as we witness the teen angst breakdown of one of the cooler characters (preferably the one from a lower socio-economic group). You know like Ducky, crying on his mattress, in his squat. Where's his family, he's only 16? I don't know, but doesn't this song perfectly capture his loneliness and despair? That sort of thing. If You Want Me feels like it was created for Bladerunner's soundtrack and there's a reason for that.

A classically trained pianist, Andy Blunda's also a successful composer, winning the 2013 ASCAP Film and Television award for his work on Discovery. The man knows how to create (or re-create) an atmosphere and a sense of nostalgia. Blunda is also a musician's, musician. A multi-instrumentalist who toured with Fastball at only 20, then became a member of Paloalto, recording two albums with the legendary Rick Rubin.



After a decade of opening for the likes of Supergrass, Johnny Marr, Collective Soul and Stone Temple Pilots, Blunda's back. Only this time he's going it alone.


Catch him at  The Hotel Cafe: April 2nd

9PM Big Phony, 10pm BLUNDA



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