Jamil Khansa Lebanese American fashion designer

   Merceds Benz fashion week ends, coture fashion week begins and I can't get enough of style. Fashion makes me high. I know how to dress myslef and make stylist experience a style they can't ingore. They take a closer look and I can't get enough of clothes. Something about jeans got me hooked and don't let me fall in love with a jacket because I will wear it out, like Jenna does to porn. Oops there you have it in print: my trend can relate to a pornstar. But this writer does not get on all fours for dollars. I do know how to drop my clothes on the floor, there go my feet in the air, my head on the ground and my body is in a fashion cloud, stuck in a dressing room. Would you hold it against me if I went into your closet and took your wardobe because I am a whore for clothes, I don't care if it's H&M or Dolche & Gabonna if the piece of clothing makes my heart beat dress me up in fashion love. Clothes make me feel like I am in paradise, call me crazy, but I would rather buy clothes then to go to chruch.

Sorry God but it gets boring the same old prayer Our father who art in heaven can't you bless  me with a fashion verse? Holy Gost There goes my phone ringing, "Hello," and I hear the voice of one of the most adorable desgniers I know Jamil Khansa, personally inviting me to his show. Call waiting beep please hold Jamil, "Hello," Aww... Dr. Nareen my sweet cousin. "Umm David, you still haven't taken me to see any shows!" Dr. Dr. don't get sick, kick your stilettos, I will clink back to you in a sec. "Hey Jamil, of cosre I will come to your show if it's not to much trouble can I bring a guest? You are the best, thanks."  Amen fashion God I love you with all my style and I must confess, forgive me fashion for I have sinned... I have had numerous love affairs with designers and I cheated on them all, to be honest as I always am, uhm. It kinda gets boring meeting desingers, talking to hungry coked up models but I do enjoy when  their boyfriends, Oopss I ran out of ink! I am not even writing in ink, what am I talking about? I mean writing about? UHH sorry readers. Uhh I forgot Dr. Nareen is still on hold. "Hey Doc Saturday Waldorf Astoria hotel 4pm, front Row."

Dr. Nareen, Prince of Media & Jamil Khansa

Jamil Khansa is a Lebanese American fashion designer. He started his career in Beirut Then persued his academic expertise in Los Angeles . His creativity started to appear in Los Angeles where he began his journey through the world of fashion design.He was honored as the best designer of the year when he presented his “Haute couture” collection in the USA international Fashion week in 2008.Check out the link below, backstage with Jamil.


   Ladies from the United States, Africa, Europe, Middle East and America have fell in love with Jamil Khansa’s designs, they see the harmony and compatibility of the feminity and character they seek in dresses. His dresses have been worn by the Queen of Jordan and super star Jennifer Lopez. To bad I don't do drag because I would only be caught in Jamil Khansa designs.

David & Nareen on the cat walk! MEOW!

Here are some strange little facts about fashion that you might not know: According to information passed down through the ages, none other than Napoleon Bonaparte dictated that buttons be attached to jacket sleeves to stop the habit soldiers had of wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves. Didn't they have have rags back then?? A clothing item is considered vintage if it dates from 1920 to 1960. After that date, an item is considered to be retro. The thong was supposedly invented after the New York Mayor LaGuardia became enraged that the city’s nude dancers were exposing too much flesh. The thong was developed to keep the New York City dancers covered enough to placate the mayor. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Get at him Sisco. No matter where history should lead us, fashion will always be a part of who we are.Get ready to read about a designer that is who he is. My good friend Jamil Khansa.


"Halla," Hello Mr. I can fashion up a woman better  then any other designer. How is your fabric today?


LOL My fabric is in the process of  being measured and cut. It's so very nice to see you Mr. Prince of media.


Thank you.Your designs for next season are outragous I wanted to have a sex change throught the whole show! Where does the creativity invade you from?.

Women are beautuful creatures and often time they are not recongized in everyday life. I want to show how valuable they are, so I get inspration to make a woman look and feel like a godess.

David & Nareen, fashion models

Have you thought about designing a line for men?

The idea has crossed my mind, I haven't decided yet, but you will get the first piece.

You know I do not like being teased. I am sending you a fashion order 2012 Jamil Khanas mens line!

LOL I better not appeal that! You are too kind. It's complitments like yours that make all the hard work I put in night and day worth it.

You are amazing as a designer. Are there other creative outlets you want to experience?

No not really I enjoy all creative outlets, but I only see myself in fashion.

It's almost time for the next show, what are your last words to all the readers?

Be thoughtful to all that care for you, and thank you for reading. A specail thanks to you David.

Prince of Media

Jamil, thank you fashion you are a sweet soul that is full of style. I am appreciative of all the times you've called in the middle of my fashion disaster. You are just like honey you can have me whenever you want me.Time for a Mariah Carey track... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER_JwLgNqEE 

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