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American Express Platinum's By Invitation Only event: L.A. Film Festival - Jun 15, 2007

Attend the 2007 LA Film Festival and enjoy prime seating at all screenings, red carpet gala premieres and private events with your All-Access Pass brought to you by American Express Platinum. You will be invited to a private dinner with Bill Condon, Academy Award winner and director of Dreamgirls, as well as a private screening and cocktail party with noted filmmakers.

Website: https://www143.americanexpress.com/cards/platinum/benefit.do?benefitTemplate=template_c&benefitId=2 

"Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad"

Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad:   This book takes you on a journey with your dad, where you can learn about his life, his experiences and his relationships with family. It includes more than 100 compelling questions to that promote dialogue, discussion and intimacy. Find out what accomplishments your father is most proud of and if he has ever questioned his values or faith. The book also has suggestions for helping a 'man of few words' open up about topics he may never have shared before. More thoughtful than a paperweight and more original than another tie, "Questions to Bring You Closer to Dad" makes it easy to gather and record memories, stories and information for generations to come. 

Website:  http://adamsmedia.stores.yahoo.net/qutobryouclt.html

Your Marketing Sucks: Mark Stevens' Marketing Manifesto 1. Stop thinking that marketing has to be creative. It has to sell goods and services. 2. If your advertising agency submits its work for Clio Awards, fire them. 3. Talk to the sales people first and then work your way back to strategy. They'll tell you what works and doesn't. 4. Halt every marketing initiative you are paying for and re-think what you're spending and why you're spending it. If they don't generate results, kill them. 5. Next time someone tells you to build your company's 'mind share/buzz,' tell him a sucker is born everyday. 6. Every time you think about spending any money at all on marketing, ask yourself, 'Will this grow my business?' 7. Get an infomercial MBA. 8. Stop engaging in marketing that sucks.

Website:  www.yourmarketingsucks.com

Your Management Sucks: Mark Stevens' Management Manifesto: 1. Forget about Consensus Building 2. Reject Conventional Wisdom. 3. Forget about Team Building. Develop ideas and have the team do the work. 4. Never accept No for an answer. 5. Leaders need: Serial Skepticism, Cartoon Imagination and Monster Ambition. 6. Liberate yourself from the shackles of what others think. 7. You need a Killer App. It is your differentiator. 8. Leaders fail due to: Complacency, Deception, Fear of a Bad Day and Failure to Act. 9. Strong leaders establish a compass for their people and the motivation to exceed goals. 10. Get out of the office and take a hike. Declare War on everything you do that is fine, good and mediocre. Unless it's great, it sucks.

Website:  www.yourmanagementsucks.com



Swampstock:  Country music fans are in for some down home, 'Down on the Farm' fun as AT&T is bringing exclusive content from Tim McGraw's annual Swampstock music festival and charity fundraiser to the public. For the first time, country music fans worldwide are able to experience the freewheeling fun of Swampstock including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and clips from various events across the three screens essential to their life the TV, PC, and wireless device. So whether you're at home, at the office, or even on the road, you can now take exclusive performances from your favorite country stars along with you. In October 2006, the 11th annual Swampstock event brought together such country music stars as Martina McBride, Lori McKenna, the Warren Brothers, Halfway to Hazard, and Catherine Raney along with McGraw and Faith Hill to raise money for McGraw and Hill's Neighbor's Keeper Foundation.

Website:  www.att.com/gen/press-room?pid=7857

Cuss Control

Cuss Control:   The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing.  Finally-The Cure for the Common Curse! Faced with an epidemic of profanity, our country needs this book of practical suggestions for breaking a habit that has ordinary citizens contributing to the decline of civility and good manners. This book explains why we swear and how we can learn to hold our tongues. Cuss Control is a refreshing celebration of the joys of a civil tongue. It is funny and very helpful for dads and men of all ages.

Website:  www.cusscontrol.com




Bible Study Library

Bible Study Library: The Bible Study Library gives you the tools to really dig into specific passages or topics in the Bible and come away with fresh insight and understanding, whether it is for personal study and devotions or for creating a lesson for your next group meeting. It contains nearly 170 Bibles and Bible reference titles worth almost $2,800.00 in equivalent print editions! Logos Bible Software 3 is the most advanced Bible software in the world. It is the culmination of years of research and development into how people study the Bible and how to make study easier and more rewarding than ever before.

Website: http://www.logos.com/biblestudy

Paperbax: New Literary Accessory

Paperbax: New Literary Accessory

Paperbax: New Literary Accessory: For the dad that is a bookworm, Paperbax is a hot new literary accessory that is every book lover's dream: a pocket-sized book holder, bookstand and bookmark rolled into one. Launched recently at the prestigious London Book Fair, this handy new literary tool makes reading a paperback comfortable and easy anywhere: in bed, on the beach, at the gym, in the office, or while traveling. No more aching fingers or broken book spines. Paperbax keeps book pages pinned back and tidy. For multi-taskers, Paperbax is a bookstand that allows readers to read virtually hands-free while enjoying a bath, eating a meal, cooking, and even applying sunscreen poolside. And for the do it yourself kind of dad, Paperbax is perfect for holding those 'how-to' manuals like 'Plumbing for Dummies'. Paperbax is lightweight, sturdy, and a great gift for avid readers. It is available for $9.95 on-line at www.paperbax.net

Website: www.paperbax.net

Playaway Digital Audio books

Playaway Digital Audiobooks

Playaway Digital Audio books: Playaway is the perfect gift and travel companion. Audio book listeners enjoy the pre-loaded format of Playaway as it is designed to fit into the busy lifestyles of the users. A leader in pre-loaded digital audio, Playaway offers a wide variety of titles ranging from bestsellers that are perfect for the beach to popular children's titles that are effective 'backseat babysitters' on those long car rides or plane trips.

Website: www.playawaydigital.com.

GLOBAL SENSE: Awakening Your Power to Change Our World

Global Sense by Judah Freed is an award-winning book that reveals how our global connectivity empowers us to change the world by changing ourselves. A central theme in the book is the need for us men to liberate ourselves from the cultural legacy of "alpha male rule." Instead of suffering early deaths from a compulsive need to wage wars, perform risky jobs and repress our feelings -- all to vainly prove our manhood -- we men are evolving a new form of self worth. We can connect from our hearts more than our heads. We can let go of needing to control others to feel powerful. We can model strength through compassion, because a peaceful man is a powerful man. Whether you are a son, a daughter, a wife, or a girlfriend, if you want the man in your life to be more emotionally present and more true to himself, then you owe it to him and yourself to give him a copy of Global Sense .
Website: http://MediaVisionsPress.com


American Express Platinum's By Invitation Only event: California Cult Wines at Cru

American Express Platinum's By Invitation Only event: California Cult Wines at Cru

American Express Platinum's By Invitation Only event: California Cult Wines at Cru. Indulge your palate at Cru, one of NYC's hottest restaurants, during a wine-centric showcase of rare California wines brought to you by American Express Platinum. During one memorable evening, you can experience highly collectible, hard-to find wines by Bryant Family Vineyard, Colgin Cellars, Marcassin and Martinelli, as well as splendid wines from Araujo Estate, Aubert, Kistler Vineyards, Peter Michael Winery, and Vineyard 29. Cru is heralded for its 110,000-bottle cellar and its outstanding menu by Food and Wine 2005 "Best New Chef," Shea Gallante. Begin with a wine-and-can reception hosted by Chef Gallante and Wine Director Robert Bohr. Then enjoy an innovative six-course menu specially prepared to complement the fabulous roster of wines, with tasting notes. It is a perfectly paired culinary evening. July 19, 2007; $995 per person

Website: https://www143.americanexpress.com/cards/platinum/benefit.do?benefitTemplate=template_c&benefitId=2



The Battle for Jima: 5-Disc Collector's Commemorative Edition DVD Set

The Battle for Jima: 5-Disc Collector's Commemorative Edition DVD Set. This special commemorative edition contains a dual set of Clint Eastwood's masterful companion pieces, Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. A bonus disc in the 5-Disc Commemorative Edition contains: "Heroes of Iwo Jima," A History Channel documentary hosted by Gene Hackman and featuring interviews with James Bradley, author of the best-selling Flags of Our Fathers, and "To the Shores of Iwo Jima," a 1945 Academy Award nominated short film. SRP is $49.69.





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