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Toronto Entertainment - Shows and Sports to See in Toronto This Fall

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Now that the summer is nothing but a distant memory, and with Christmas still at least a month away from drenching us in holiday spirit, Fall can often feel like something of a nether zone in terms of things to do. On the surface, even a city as non-stop as Toronto can feel somewhat subdued as it gets over the relaxed fun of summer and prepares itself for the frenetic excitement of Christmas. But that definitely isn't the case if you dig a little deeper, and here are just a few activities to keep you occupied over the next couple of months before you need to really start focusing on the intimidating task on Christmas shopping.

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Toronto Chocolate Festival: If you have a sweet tooth - and who amongst us doesn't? - you really need to find your way down to Toronto over the next few weeks for the city's Chocolate Festival. Starring every different variety of chocolate you can imagine, the festival gives visitors the chance to enter chocolate eating contests, watch chocolate making exhibits and generally gorge themselves silly on almost every different kind of chocolate you can imagine. Hosted across a number of venues throughout the city, this is a must-visit for those chocoholics among you. 

Watch the Toronto Raptors: Canada's sole NBA franchise have slowly established themselves as one of the league's most popular teams, and the start of the new season brings with it a lot of excitement for the city of Toronto. On the back of a sensational regular season in the last campaign, the Raptors suffered a disappointing 4-0 defeat at the hands of the Washington Wizards in the playoffs. But that hasn't stopped Toronto being tipped by the NBA betting odds to be real contenders again this year. So, maybe after eating your own body weight in chocolate, you could at least watch some athletic activities at the Air Canada Centre. 

Lend your support to the Maple Leafs: For one of ice hockey's most iconic names, this has been an extremely tough season so far for the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's been a good few years since the franchise wielded the sort of power they once did in the NHL, but watching the Maple Leafs at the Air Canada Centre is still a once in a lifetime experience that visitors to Toronto should definitely have. And who knows, you could witness something that has become increasingly rare - the Maple Leafs winning a game in front of their home fans. 

Toronto After Dark Film Festival: Featuring some of the scariest movies you'll see, the Toronto After Dark Film Festival has established itself as one of North America's most popular events. Whether you're a horror, sci-fi or fantasy fan, there is definitely something for you this year, with independent releases from around the world premiered at the event. Hosted at Toronto's Scotiabank Theatre, the After Dark Film Festival is the perfect chance to see some of the best scary movies out there that might not be shown at some of the bigger theatres.

Published on Oct 26, 2015

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