The Speakeasy Review – In San Francisco you can truly go back in time to experience the freewheeling cabaret era of the 1920’s

The Speakeasy San Francisco, is a theater experience like no other. You are taken back to the time of Flappers, and Cabarets, during Prohibition’s height. Like a fly-on-the-wall you experience all the Behind-the-Scene’s drama and you’re `In-Like-Flynn.’   



Make your reservation for The Speakeasy SF, online and further instructions will come by email telegram two days before your arrival. Your arrival time will be given, along with instruction to meeting “a guy,” in “a hat,” on “a corner,” at a specific intersection somewhere in the North Beach area of San Francisco. The dress code is Cocktail Attire, Vintage 1920s if you have it (or you can rent a costume.) There are small bites and drinks for purchase, I recommend the macaroons, but you should plan to have dinner before your check-in time.


You will enter through glass doors into a forlorn looking establishment and descend down dark old creepy steps into the depths of yesteryear. Then the doors open and you are secreted inside, as The Club is opened to your fantasy and every sense is immersed into the cabaret experience.


The Speakeasy recreates a 1920s Cabaret Speakeasy nightclub, and to maintain the atmosphere all patrons receive special pouches within which to seal their smart phones and any other electronic devices that might interfere with the show. As you enter you are reminded to “speak easy!”




You are encouraged to roam the various rooms, cubicles, and hidden passageways and be sure to get your wooden nickel. Order old-timey drinks at the illicit bar, and gamble in the crooked casino. Peek inside the performers dressing room if you dare. Explore more and you will find a wonderful vaudeville Cabaret resplendent with song and dance and corny jokes. There are over thirty-five characters, each with their own story-line, playing throughout the evening, as they work through their night at the cabaret, mixing and mingling with all the other cast members and storylines throughout the evening.




 If one area seems comfortable, stay there. If you see a character doing something that seems interesting, follow them. If you feel like having a more traditional show experience for a bit, swing by the cabaret and enjoy the torch songs, chorus girls and vaudeville antics from a bygone era. Story lines range from joyous to the dark and dangerous, and you never know where or when they will intersect.



I take my hat off to the astounding array of actors and the incredible script that is seamlessly integrated into the evening. The Actors have amazing vintage wardrobes, and the guest all were dressed in period attire. I never knew if I was talking to someone who was a patron, as I, or was part of the ensemble cast. I took particular note of actress Megan Wicks as Velma, whose spectacular dress shimmied and sparkled as `Velma’ rendered her most seductive torch song of the evening. The dress I later learned was by San Francisco’s very own Dark Garden Corsetry & Couture.



Don’t feel dismayed as the evenings frivolities come to an end inside The Speakeasy, for right next door the party is only beginning, at Club 1923 [check out the vid here]. You can play long into the night at the exclusive after-party , listening to cool jazz in a 1920’s themed nightclub, and enjoy some late-night contemporary entertainment as well.  



The Boxcar Theater’s production of The Speakeasy SF, is an entertainment must see! A not-to-be missed new way to experience the theater. Be sure to go to the website and spend some time. There are special deals, such dinner packages at nearby restaurants, memberships, arrangements for special occasions, and even special cocktail packages. You can make arrangements for costume rentals and also find out upcoming special events and themed nights.



I predict that The Speakeasy SF will become a long-running, perennial must-see show, to be visited every time you come to San Francisco. I will certainly be arranging for another visit, to imbibe in a Black Manhattan, and to find out what happened to some of the stories, as yet unfinished and always changing. I believe you too, will Fall In Love with The Speakeasy SF.



Tickets, Showtime’s, and details for future shows and events can all be found on the website for The SpeakeasySF.  San Francisco’s North Beach, has an amazing array of clubs and restaurants. The Speakeasy SF is a new Favorite, along with another personal favorite; you might want to check out Bimbo’s 365 Club, on another night in town. The Bimbo’s Collection of historic San Francisco Art, including the mural above the Terrace Bar, are all original paintings, by Julian Ritter.  


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*Photos by Peter Liu, courtesy of The Speakeasy SF




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