Hubba Hubba Revue Review – San Francisco’s World-Famous Burlesque Show rated Top 3 Nationwide

Photography by Greg Autry*


Flame Cynders


The Hubba Hubba Revue is a fast-paced explosion of burlesque entertainment, in the form of boobs, bumps, and grinds. A dazzling display of pasties, sequins, and feathers twirling in spotlights of red, blue, and green, amid eerie fog affects and thumping joyous music.  At the Hubba Hubba Revue Burlesque Nation, you’re gonna have yourself a time!



In San Francisco, weekly, and Oakland monthly, Jim Sweeney is the Producer and go-to Master of Ceremonies extraordinaire. His Co-Host is the buxom blonde bombshell Alexa von Kickinface who dazzles the audience throughout the evening. There is a rotating cast of characters and performers, always keeping it fresh and lively.

Ariyana La Fey & Jim Sweeney


I consider it my duty to find the Best Burlesque Shows and Best Burlesque Stars. My long friendship with legendary Las Vegas Showgirl, Janet Boyd, has given me an appreciation of burlesque history which I apply today, watching and enjoying in venues everywhere I can. My collection of original oil paintings by Julian Ritter pays homage to beautiful Showgirls, Strippers, and Burlesque stars from the Golden Age of Las Vegas, such as the Silver Slipper Collection, from the 1950’s. Thus I do claim my status as a Burlesque “Aficionado!”

Rocket - Portland, OR


Hubba Hubba Revue started back in 2006 and has received a slew of “Best” Awards over the years, so I had to check it out for myself.  I was delightfully surprised at the DNA Lounge with the high quality of production values, especially the big stage and the gorgeous lighting. Nothing warms the heart of a photographer more than lots of light.


Alexa von Kickenface


Back-In-The-Day, Burlesque was a part of various touring Vaudeville shows and was considered naughty. The Minsky family created a burlesque empire in the Twenties intended to be ribald, which were raided by police nightly. The more the police raided the shows, the more publicity they garnered, and the more people lined up to see the shows.  


Champagne Shuga Nova - Denver, CO


Today’s Burlesque Acts come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. Hubba Hubba Revue is a stylized  neo-burlesque show, featuring acts from around the country weekly.  The performers come from all walks of life, and varying backgrounds to perform, tease, and entertain.  



Maggie McMuffin

The Sizzling Sirens - Sacramento, CA


Of note, the night I attended, Frankie Fictitious had won "Miss Viva Las Vegas" in April, as well as winning in the Small Group Category at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2017, two weeks ago in Las Vegas.  All of the acts were wonderful and inspired. I could write an Article about each performer had I the space to do so. 

Frankie and her Tattooed Man

Frankie's Tattooed Man


One performer I know, Audrey Von Price, put it this way; “I'm committed to my craft and my companies. I hope that when you're feeling down, or out of place, or in need of a home, come to any one of my shows … be entertained, and a have a safe space for a little while. I want to bring smiles to your face. I want to bring moments of peace and clarity.”


Tiffany Rose Mocker - Hollywood, CA


On any particular evening you will see a fast paced show with lots of pasties and lots of tease. Unlike those old Vaudeville shows, today’s acts come in much more diverse themes, from the seductive Champagne Shuga Nova, to the totally outrageous, Rocket. During the day, you can go see The Golden Gate Bridge and during the night, you owe it to yourself for a visit to the  Hubba Hubba Revue. 

Check out the #HubbaHubbaRevue website for show times, venues, and themes. Don’t be shy and don’t be late. I suggest getting there early, getting a table seat, having a drink, and making some noise when the Girls, and Boys come out to perform. Show em some appreciation! And tell Jim that Greg Autry sent you.  

By the end of the night, er, next morning, the audience was in full swing, dancing, singing, and havinga Hubba Hubba Good time. 



I’ll be delighted to keep abreast of the Burlesque Scene in San Francisco, and Northern California for all my readers, and will report back from time to time, when a venue or performer seems particularly noteworthy.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you know of a venue in your town, that you feel I must attend.  Its hard work, but someone must do it, so I’m volunteering.



The Wily Minxes - Santa Cruz, CA

Bettie Bombshell - Melbourne, Australia


Please watch for my upcoming Splash Magazine Articles’. My next Article will be about `The Speakeasy,’ a new San Francisco venue which is already promising to become Iconic. Next, will be an Article about the proposed new Showgirl Museum in Las Vegas. I appreciate your shares, comments, and feedback.

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