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Dispatch - Bridging The Gap Between Music and Friendship

By Meagan Sargent

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The Quirky Trio-Dispatch! Courtesy Photo

The power of friendship is truly undeniable. Friendships are the ground base of many factors and must be present in order for anything to work out to its full potential. This has been visibly noticeable in the musical trio-Dispatch.

Dispatch, which means ‘to relay a message’, is a band that has often been described as 'one of the biggest independent rock bands' based out of Boston, Massachusetts. The three met while attending college at Middlebury College in Vermont, and played music as a hobby. It wasn’t until they were playing gigs and people were showing up early to their shows when they thought they could actually create a band and make more of a career out of a hobby they were all passionate about. The quirky trio (who are all massive fans of Shakira) consist of: Brad Corrigan, Chad Stokes, and Pete Francis.

How Corrigan, Stokes, and Francis met in college, formed a band, and — with no radio airplay, major-label support, or significant press coverage — became one of the biggest draws on the live music scene, and arguably the biggest independent rock band in history, is a remarkable story. They have also been known as the ‘biggest band that no one has ever heard of’-which seems like an oxymoron in itself. However, it is just these visions that have kept the band so thriving with humble presence which speaks volumes to their strong and loyal fan base.

With a bond of friendship paired with their vocal and musical talents, the trio decided to take a break in 2002 when they were at the height of their popularity. “Our friendship was a mess, we went from being best friends and having fun making music to being burnt out,’ explains Corrigan. “Friendship was the foundation and was more important than the band; we were not willing to sacrifice our friendship by any means.”

Throughout the break each member pursued their own projects, with the Denver-based Corrigan forming the band Braddigan, Francis performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, and the Boston-based Stokes, recording and touring with his band State Radio.

Another admiration point of Dispatch is that they are strong believers in constantly seeking ways to give back to the fans who had given so much to them. In 2007, Dispatch came together once again to raise money for humanitarian organizations working in Zimbabwe.

Amplifying Education is a non-profit organization that promotes a better learning environment which will engage the students and enforce the importance of an education. Through their ‘Circles Around the Summer Alternative Break Tour’, the group hopes to clean the school grounds, inspire donations, organize materials, while promoting the importance of the education system. “It’s a dream to know that your music is actually a part of people’s experiences and becomes tied to special moments in their life,” Corrigan says. “That makes it all worth it. Also, it all just feels fun again. We’re so fired up to be great friends and to travel and tour- we’re going to New Zealand and Australia!”

“We all bring different influences to the table,” Corrigan says. “I’d love to jam with Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Pearl Jam, and Red Hot Chili Peppers-I’d be so stoked as they are all amazing!” Who wouldn’t be mind-blown by a band that has made it but is humble and stands by their morals and values?! Their newest album, ‘Ain’t No Trip to Cleveland’ is set to be released Summer of 2013! The 25 song double disk CD is a collection of their favorite live shows performed in 2011 and 2012; however it will also have seven or eight new songs-which is something we can all look forward to! “The band is really positive and its amazing.” explains Corrigan, “Our friendships are stronger than before.” Dispatch will be playing live at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA on June 15th-this is a show you do not want to miss!



Published on May 26, 2013

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