Trapeze San Francisco Review - A Saucy Vibromax of Burlesque and Voluptuous Titilating Electro Swing Music


Photography by Greg Autry

All images by Greg Autry are copyright protected


Last July, right here in Splash magazine, I wrote about San Francisco's Trapeze being brought to Los Angeles in an Electro-Swing Review. It was a wild fun night to be sure.  As the Holidays begin this season I had the opportunity to experience Trapeze in its hometown of San Francisco.


Whoa, what an experience it was. Definitely not for the Faint of heart.  Aaron Delachaux  puts together a masterful mixology of electro vintage beats, fused with cabaret style of visuals, and scandalous burlesque nirvana . Trapeze did indeed make my Holidays Brighter, with the right amount of Tingle in the loins, that makes me want to get up and dance.  Delachaux is a preeminent DJ of The Vau de Vire Society,  and a Producer extraordinaire of such Events as The Soiled Dove and The Edwardian Ball (Jan 17 SF, Feb 7 LA).  


The crowd was not to be tamed by anything remotely approaching "normal". The crowd itself was a show. For a cover of $ 20.00 bucks, this show can't be matched anywhere. As much fun as Trapeze was in LA last July, Trapeze in San Francisco was off the chains.  So much so that my pictures here,  are quite censored, lest we get in trouble.   Suffice to say, the crowd in San Francisco was uninhibited to the max. People were playing, dancing, and cavorting with reckless abandon.  My kind of place. 


Emceed by the oh so naughty Emma Nation espousing on her Fantasies all night long, and captivating the audience with stories and observations to delight this crowd. Some of the performers  from the night included  Meka La Creme from  Raleigh NC,  Vienna La Rouge,  San Francisco  CA, Summer Savage   Santa Cruz CA.   The highlight performance of the evening had to  be Eden Berlin from   Berlin  Germany. Her stage performance was paired with screen projections in what was surely Neo-German Erotica of the highest order.  I want to see all these gorgeous ladies again, and please, be sure to check out the performers Links for another titillating view of what they do.

Emma Nation

Eden Berlin from Projection


Trapeze is  one of the most creative, outrageous, titillating of events to be found anywhere.  Other performers  let loose on an unsuspecting crowd were  Mee Zee the Klown Prince Chameleon, as well as Fou Fou Ha, the fabled fiends and floozies, who were all partying all night long, dancing, and I dare say again, cavorting, with the crowd.


By the end of the night I couldn't tell performers from the audience, as the Stage and the House were a tumultuous writhing  mix of all.


Aaron `Delachaux is San Francisco's sonic blastronaut par excellence. As an early pioneer of the electro-swing movement, he became a cherished after-party DJ for some of San Francisco's earliest neo-burlesque events. Over the years Delachaux’s intoxicating style of pouring vintage samples and exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has fused a wild carousel of voluptuous voodoo and body-quaking bass that reflect both the dialated discos and carbonated cabarets of Barbary Coast nightlife and have made him one of the west coast underground's most seminal DJ/producers.' (Aaron Delachaux website)*


 I can't wait for Aaron's next events.  The next Trapeze, Casbah Electrique in LA, Jan 10.  Following my wild night of dancing, music, and taking photos at Trapeze, I spent the weekend at the Dickens Fair in San Francisco.  Watch for my new Splash Article about the Dickens Fair, coming soon.


You can also see more of my photography and art world at Greg Autry Art &  Photo,  my Julian Ritter website, and my commercial photography website, Greg Autry Photo.  Feel free to Share pictures on Social Media, and don't hesitate to write me with Comments and Questions. 


Projected Images at the Event were photographed so as to to convey the essence of the evenings event. All Copyrights are retained by the Copyright Holders.  No copyright infringement is intended.






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