Trapeze in the Chapel - Haunting Electro-Vibe Music from many Eras


July 22, 2016

*Photos by Greg Autry

Trapeze services were held in the Mission District of San Francisco, at the `Chapel. Inside, the vaulted forty-foot ceiling was bathed in electro-blue lights that made me wanna sing-out,  Hallelujah !



Trapeze is non-stop dance music and burlesque, along with many other performers as only Trapeze knows how to do. Known as an `electro-swing’ party, Aaron Delachaux is a master of mixing it up. The vintage sounds and electro swing beat are an important and playful ingredient of the Trapeze DNA, The music is always in flux and while Trapeze is not a period party, they certainly do juxtapose a lot of styles from different eras while blasting them out with contemporary state-of-the-art sound apparatus. 



The Chapel isn’t like any church you’re ever been to. In fact, The Chapel is not a church, it was built in 1914 and used to be a mortuary. Now it’s a music venue and I guarantee the dead have been raised, and are dancing, prancing, and cavorting unabashedly, sometimes downright naughtily.  



There is also a killer bar and restaurant, where you may imbibe  with a delicious meal, and a well-crafted cocktail, before or during the carryings-on inside the club.



`Hypno-Electropia’ was held on July Second, and it was my second Trapeze showcase in San Francisco, California, and at The Chapel. I have reviewed Trapeze previously in Las Vegas for the after party at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, and a couple of times at the Syrup Loft in Los Angeles. I can-not wait to see where I go next. 



The ever sensuous, and barely dressed, Emma-Nation, hosted the night and never stopped surprising me. The vixen Sevon Caneri was the gorgeous chanteuse who sang and dazzled in her vibrant, barely there cobalt blue dress.



The psycho-deco burlesque dance party melded feverish Weinmar Cabaret vibes,  that any Fosse fan would appreciate, with an Hypno underworld grade of flappers, vamps, and  jazz age abandon.  Blending all the Thundergasm’s were Delachaux, The Klown – Boenobo, and the Rhythm Renegade.





The Thundering Shnazzter, Ezra Croft, and new `ManCee’ Jasper Patterson never let things get dull, keeping the chaos in regard and allowing such goings on as the Forbidden Femme, Meka La Creme  and the Windy City Whirlwind Kitty Oaks to ply their seductive wiles on stage for all the gawkers and voyeurs to ogle and holler about.



Speaking of chaos there was plenty of Burlesque all night long. One Brit, who has exited the UK, at least for a night, was the Torid Temptress, Tana the Tattooed Lady.  The cast of curvaceous babe-delicious burlesque performers was completed with performances by Elza Delite, also from across the pond, and lastly and not `leastly,’ the Cunning Cabal of Carnality  Wily Minx Burlesque.



I saw Snatch Adams on stage, along with Fables friends and Floozies `Fou Fou Ha,’  and by nights end everyone on the dance floor, was on the stage. I couldn’t tell the inmates from the guards. They were are inappropriately intermingling, to the great delight of all.



Every time I cover Trapeze I get there early and I am always surprised when they are closing the doors and telling me to leave at `Oh-Dark Thirty’ in the morning. “Trapezites” are spreading like wildly growing tentacles throughout the West Coast. In every city where Trapeze goes, the local performers turn out in droves, their fans follow in droves, thus we have more and more `Trapezites.’  Trapeze seems to be bigger than the sum of its parts, and I can’t wait, each time, to see what’s up, next time.



DJ’s, Entrepreneurs, and Producers, `Delachaux’ and `The Klown’ ratchet up the music, along with the `Electro’ energy consistently.  Aaron “Delachaux” and Boenobo “The Klown”have a synergistic relationship with distinctly different talents that they mold together in production, and merge together in presenting the ever-changing venues and music.  They both credit The Performers as being the glue that binds as well as generating the enthusiasm that continually fuels the excitement and loyalty of fans and performers alike.



Check here for future Trapeze Party plans, go to their website. I can tell you there is a July weekend in Portland, and in August all the `Burners’ will get to experience TRAPEZE in Black Rock City. October will find Trapeze back in Los Angeles, and a big surprise announcement is coming, for New Year’s Eve!!! Be sure to tell them that Greg Autry sent you.



Check out more about Trapeze, in the Photo Albums in my Greg Autry Art & Photo Page on Facebook, and as always, I look forward to your comments and questions.



My next Article for LA Splash Magazine will be a Review of the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles, on August 5 & 6. On August 21st, I will be covering the `Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion’ at the Mazda Laguna Seca racetrack in Monterey, California. I was a huge fan of the `Can-Am’ series in my youth, and at Laguna Seca , I entered my very first photo contest, and won first place in the `people’ division.

*All Images c2016GregAutry ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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