Mill Valley's Premiere of 'In The Cobbler's Shoes' - Walk One Day In His Shoes

Mill Valley Film Festival teaches its audience the importance of shoes. You heard us right, shoes.  'In the Cobbler’s Shoes' is a must see documentary filled with hard work, love, and dedication.  The film follows Misak Pirinjian in his daily life while he repairs the community’s shoes and wins their hearts. This local hero works tirelessly on his craft as he continues to bring quality service and joy to those around him in Mill Valley, California. Pirinjian was born in Jaffa an ancient port city in Israel. His family moved to the United States where his father, Vartan Pirinjian,continued working in shoe repair by buying/owning Tony’s Shoe Repair. Misak Pirinjian is a now alumnus of University of San Francisco where he is in the hall of fame for soccer. Not only that but he went on to receive his law degree…is there anything he cannot accomplish? This is a tale of true perseverance and a labor of love. The film premiered on Saturday October 12, 2013. The audience filled with family, friends, and customers were over joyed to see this hard working local on the big screen.

David Marks Mill Valley Film Festival

The quality and authenticity of this film not only came from its characters, but also the man behind the scenes. David Marks is a multitalented outstanding director, producer, and writer. His biography from the film’s website speaks for itself, “David Marks has been producing and directing documentaries for over 20 years. He has worked as an investigative reporter on political stories for PBS Frontline, and produced a number of internationally acclaimed documentaries for the BBC, including biographies of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra. He originated and produced a BBC/PBS special documentary revealing the role of Switzerland in WWII, Nazi Gold. His award-winning film, Coronation In the Kingdom of Tonga, is the first film telling the story of the only Polynesian country that was never conquered or colonized. David is currently writing a screenplay for a feature film: a satire about the challenges of making documentaries.” (In the Cobber’s Shoes Website, 2013) There is much to be said about the man making all of these marvelous documentaries. Upon meeting David Marks he was extremely friendly, humble, and eager to listen. These are not traits many people come across in daily life, let alone in the world of film. 

Closing Night Gala with David Marks & Denise Berry

He told us about the film, his life, and it was astounding to hear what wonderful things he had accomplished. He is an inspiring director, writer, and more. We can’t wait to see what he comes out with next. As Roger and Ebert used to say, it is two thumbs up!


Visit their website and watch the trailer for 'In the Cobbler’s Shoes'


Screening at Sweet Water Music Hall Tuesday October 15, 2013 5:30PM

Photography Credit: Jonathan Shensa

Styling by: Olivia Cannizzaro

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