Del Mar Racetrack Opening Day 2009 Review – Get the Scoop

While everyone else is chaotically rushing about in their stylish attire and placing bets, you will be in the know and relaxed.  This year Del Mar Racetrack had a record attendance of 44,907, which means patrons require the know how for a great day at the races. 

Del Mar Racetrack Keeping You Informed with the Big Screen


Before the race, there a couple of things one needs to square away.  The first is purchasing tickets, since opening day is a sold out event this means purchasing tickets before-hand is a must.  Now to clear up the attire at racetrack, consult the film Pretty Women.  Remember when Julia Roberts plays Vivian and she is wearing her brown and white polka-dotted dress with matching hat.  That’s it.  This will give you a fabulous idea or simply check out the pictures in the article.  After tickets and looks, organize your day from start to finish with these hints.

First off how does one get to the race without all the hustle and bustle?  Start the day right, by getting everywhere at least 30 minutes ahead of schedule, otherwise traffic compromises the day.  If one acquires directions off the I-5 via the GPS or the Del Mar Racetrack website they would be following the other 44,907 attending opening day.  Not a great idea unless you are one of the few that enjoy waiting in 30 minute traffic just to exit on the Via de la Valle exit.  Otherwise follow us on the I-5 to Del Mar Heights Road.  If you are like most and would like to spare the pocket book at the expensive racetrack restaurants, take a right on Camino Del Mar for some bites.  There are plenty of places to wine and dine along this local Del Mar neighborhood from Italian to Mexican.    After the tummies are full, head to the races still on Camino Del Mar.  Veer right driving on Jimmy Durante Boulevard and pass all the parking for upwards of thrity dollars because general admission parking is only eight bucks.  Once parking is no longer a feat walk toward the racetrack, trying not to get too excited about the day.  The crowd is directed by escorts to the front similar to herding a group of cattle as everyone lines up for the pre-purchased ticktes.

Picking Up Your Tickets

My girlfriends and I were priviledge to acquire Turf Club passes from the Thoroughbred Club via LA Splash Magazines to cover the event, so we acquired Turf Club bracelets.  If one is a part of the Turf Club, Jimmy is your guy for seating.  Check in with him first thing for the best seats located on the fourth floor.  Since we actually had some friends registered to a box on the fifth floor, checking in became low on priorities. 

Our friends showed us around from placing a bet to air-conditioned rooms.  When it comes to betting one has to know their horse criteria. 

The Paddock

Everyone’s criteria is different, but at least take the stairs or elevator to the main floor and scout out the trouphy breed of your choice at The Paddock

Electronic Betting Machines

Rush back upstairs to place your bets electronically.

Time to Place the Bets

Another option for placing bets is the crowded Del Mar Turf Club located on the fourth floor.  From the crowd and the hot outdoor event of scouting horses one seeks air-conditioning.  There is a cool room on the fifth floor that provides the spot with conversation about the races to boot. 

Upper View of The Paddock

From here, one can see an extraordinary view of The Paddock.  If a more secluded area is in mind head back to the box and view the race first-hand on the patio.  After placing six beats and lossing fifty dollars, one realizes that the Del Mar Racetrack is not all about the horses, but the fasionable hats and meeting old and new friends for a day of fun.

Stylish Hats

If you are interested in attending the races, check out the Del Mar Racetrack.

Photos provided by Photographer JoAnna Jane Selby.

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