Woman's Museum of California Review - Perserving The Past Inspiring the Future

Side of Musuem photograph by Gabrielle Bresley

Front entrance photo by Gabrielle Beasley

The Woman's Museum of California is a hidden gem of Woman's history in the city of San Diego. One of six such museums in the country. Founded in 1983 as The Woman's HistoryReclamation Project.  Empowering to see the strength and determination of women from the past. Women who lead us to the life we enjoy today.

Located at the historic Naval Training Center, Liberty Station. A beautiful place to explore. The Woman's Museum mission is to educate and inspire present and future generations on the accomplishments woman past and present.

Founded by Mary Maschal, whose love of women's history, and collection of artifacts and memorabilia filled virtually every available space in her Golden Hills home. Her family and friends finally convinced Mary in 1995 to open her home to the public. In 1997,  The Woman's Reclamation Project moved from Mary's home to the nearby Arts Union Building. In December of 2003 the name was changed to The Woman;s History Museum and Educational Center. In 2011 changing their name to The Women's Museum of California.

Women Trailblazers photograph by Gabrielle Beasley

From the photos of the early woman trailblazers, Mary Ellen Pleasant, Women Pioneer, Toby Winema Riddle, Women in Peace, Clara Shortridge, Women in Law, Mary Pickford, Women in Arts, Magaret "Mom" Chung, Women in Medicine, and Delores Huelga, Women of Activism. to the inspiring pieces of art "The Woman Old Town", on permanent display outside the museum, feeling the power of our rich history is humbling.

Outside Musuem photograph by Gabrielle Beasley

Suffrage Exhit photo courtesy of Womens Mueusm of California

One corner of the museum holds the memorabilia from the Sufferage movement. Women activists that changed the way we live forever. A big piece of Women' history that really hits home.

photo by Gabrielle Beasley

The current exhibit Portraits of Activism photography of Lynda Koolish - A Retrospective, will be on display through April 2, 2017. Artist statement. " I see my work of feminist culture,  a celebration of us all as writers, artists, musicians, critics, craftspeople, farmers, carpenters, mothers, daughters, sisters,  lovers, friends." and her photos reflect thus. Women represented from each category.

photograph by Lynda Koolosh

photograph by Lynda Koolishg

Museums can be enjoyed either with others, which I say is mostly a quick visual experience. perhaps discussing and reading about a few of the articles. Or it can be a date with yourself. Time alone to read and enjoy everything. We as women especially need time alone for ourselves in this world where we try to do everything except nurture ourselves. Whichever way you choose to enjoy the museum. Come. Seek. Explore.


If your schedule is all tied up for this time frame put going to The Women's Museum on your to do list. Next Exhibit April 7, 2017 - May 28, 2017. To Observe and Wonder - A Short History of the Far-Reaching Minds of Women in Science Women have played a vastly important role in the development and dissemination of science....

The Museum is located in Barrack 14 at
2730 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 103
San Diego, CA 92106
Phone: (619) 233-7963
[email protected]

General Museum Hours of Operation:
Wednesday - Sunday
12:00 - 4:00 pm

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