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Max and Leo photo by Ken Jacques

The Producers - Everything a Broadway Musical should be, with singing, dancing, a romance, and in this play even a plot. Humorous, engaging, upbeat, and  silly as only Mel Brooks does. San Diego Musical theatre transports us back to 1959, New York City. Bringing us into the world of Leo Bloom and Max Bialystock.

The Producers is a musical adaptation by Mel Brooks, and Thomas Meehan of the 1968 movie. Although, there are many differences, the major one being the musical is more light heated, whereas the movie ia a black comedy.

Leo BLoom Presents photo by Ken Jacques

Max Bialystock was King of Broadway, every show he produced turned gold. But after his latest plsy "Funny Boy," closes after opening night, he is devastated. Accountant Leo bloom shows up his books, and when he jokingly says you could make more money with a flop than a hit, Max takes him up on the idea.bloom always wanted to be a Producer, and hears out his scheme.

Step one - They find the worst play ever written.
Step two - They hire the worst director in town.
Step three - They raise two million dollars - one for each of them.
Step four - We hire the worst actors in New York and open on Broadway
Step five - Close on Broadway, take the two million and go to Rio.


Talking into scheme photo by Ken Jacques

At first, by the book, no risk Leo turns Max down. But when he returns to his office and realizes how unhappy he is and that his life he headed no where, he decides to go for the scheme.

What a team, John Massey, as Max Bialystock, and Bryon Banville, as Leo Bloom, made. reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy. Massey with his exuberant humor, and stamina. Banville, with his great voice and charisma. Siri Halfso, with her sweedish roots made a fantastic Ulla.Seductively alluring, yet sweet enough for Leo to fall head over heels.
Audience favorite Luke Harvey Jacobs, had an award winning performance as Carmen, directer Roger Depris, (played by Russell Garrett), gay assistant. Lance Carter, rocked German Franz Liebkind. The ensemble was masterful in their characterizations. I love the first little old lady.

Elderly woman who love Max photo by Ken Jacques

One of my favorite numbers for the show was when Leo di Leo Blooms Presents.  I loved the gold costumes with the ruffles the girls wore. This wasn't one of those real colorful show with a lot of razzle dazzle and glitz. They did however do a tap number. Also the number with the ensemble playing old ladies was the showstopper for this one.
I also want to mention the best voice in the show goes to E.Y. Washington. He had a itty bitty solo in the "I want to Be A Producer number," at the chamber offices of Whitehall and Marks, and stood out as a man who can definitely sing. With a voice like that he could easily carry off a lead role.

Ulla and Leo photo by Ken Jacques

Director Jamie Torcellini brought Broadway New York to Broadway San Diego masterfully. Don Le Master was Musical Director as performed flawlessly as usual. Choreographer for the show Janet Renslow.

San Diego Musical Theatre is dedicated to passionately producing and providing theatre that ignites the human spirit. Broadway aficionado's make sure yhou hit this one.

Springtime with Hitler photo by Ken Jacques

"The Producers"
September 23rd - October 9, 2016
Spreckles Theatre
121 Broadway downtown San Diego
San Diego Musical Theatre

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