Shadowland Review - Joy and Sorrow

Shadow lands By William Nicholson and directed by Kerry Mead is playing until April 8, 2017 at the Lamb”s Players theater in Coronado



In Life we have to suffer so we can fully experience and appreciate the joy.

cast photo by Ken Jacques

Shadowlands is Interesting, thought provoking, and compelling. A glimpse into the life love, and world of C.S. Lewis.


English writer C.S. Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1898. Sent to a boarding school in England with his brother Warren (known as Warnie) by his father when his mother died, at the age of nine. C.S. was called Jack by family and friends since the age of four, as he hated the name Clive. His middle name is Staples.


C.S. Lewis, one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, in three diverse areas, Literary studies. Christian apologetics, and Fantasy. Living the bachelor life in Kiln, with his brother Warnie until later in life when he met Helen Joy Davidman, called Joy.


Joy was a married American with two sons. A poet. She originally corresponded with Jack. When she visited England she requested a meeting. The start of their life together. Although not your normal everyday romance they did connect and fall in love. The connection of two souls who belonged together. Like minds. Their time together was short, lasting only about 8 years. But they were happy ones. As C.S. Believed this to be the Shadowlands. A place we are exiting in before we move onto the next place.


Deborah Gilmour Smyth, Robert Smyth & Brian Salmon photo by Ken Jacques

'Deborah and Robert Smyth by Ken Jacques

The play opened with C.S., played by Robert Smyth, giving a lecture. A soliloquy to the audience on life, and circles back at the end to finish. Very effective technique. Myth held us captive. His portrayal of C.S. Lewis brilliant. The play shows us the both joy and suffering the romance of Jack and Joy lived.


Robert Smyth & Charlton Hricko photo by Ken Jacques

Deborah Gilmore Myth, yes married to Robert, played Joy, his love in the play. The play centered on the two characters with only brief interludes with the other actors. Deborah talent equaled her counterpart as she made the perfect woman for C.S., at least for the play.

Roberr and Deborah Smyth photo by Ken Jacques

Lewis, also know for writing The Chronicles of Narnia. A little of the book aspect was brought into the play. When, in the play, where they used only one child ( this is still just a play with fictional license), played by third grader Carlton Chirico, making his acting debut, ( nice job), went into the wardrobe and retrieved the magical apple to save his mom. It worked for awhile. Although I'm not quite sure about this aspect of the play.


Charlton Hricko Ken jacques

Robert Smyth & Charlton Hricko photo by Ken Jacques

Brian Salmons played Sarnie. I loved this character, he was great, kind of the comic relief of the play. Yes, it was funny at times. John Rose, played Christopher, a friend and adversary. Whom had intellectual discussions with Lewis. Another wonderful portrayal. The cast rounds out with Tattie Grady, Paul Male, Jordan Miller, Johnathan Sachs, with Gavin Reed August playing the son some dates.


The wardrobe was a beautiful piece. The set nicely done moving things in and out. Note the photo on the curtains of the home was their actual residence in Kiln.


Shadowland is playing February 24 – April 8, 2017, at the Lamb”s Players theater in Coronado.

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