San Diego Musical Theatres 9 to 5 Review - Relaxation At The End Of The Day

Doralee, Violet, Judy by Ken Jacques

It is rare these days for people to work 9 TO 5, but it's a concept people of a certain age identify with. To be able to laugh because we've been there is is fabulous. Funny in the I wish I could that way Believable character, clever retribution, and the perfect show to catch after your hard day at work whatever the hours.

Based on the 1980 film.the play made it's Broadway debut in 2009. Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin played the three women in the movie that fate throws together to bring about the empowerment of women in the workplace.

Joy Yandell as Violet photo by Ken Jacques

Doralee played by Karyn Oversteet photo by Ken Jacques

Violet, is in charge of the workers in the office and trying to earn a promotion. Judy is a new worker, dumped by her husband for a nineteen year old, who has never worked in an office. Doralee is the big boobed blonde secretary to the boss. Franklin Hart Jr. is the sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot boss. He mistreats all his female workers, but after Violet loses her promotion to a man she trained, she loses it and accidentally poisons Hart. The three women wind up kidnapping Hart and holding him prisoner. While he's gone the make changes to the office for the better.

Doralee and Heart photo by Ken Jacques

Allison Spratt Pearce ass Judy photo by Ken Jacques

Opening number is Dolly Parton's hit song 9 to 5. Done by the entire cast. One thing I loved about the show is how the ensemble looks so ordinary. Like everyday people, you would find in an office and in this case so very much 80's. The ensemble really is wonderful. The leads, of course, get the glory for the shoe, but it's the people surrounding them that let them shine.

Violet, played by Joy Yandell, did Tomlin proud, as did all three of the female leads. Karyn Overstreet was perfect as Doralee. Not only did she look and sound like Dolly, she was almost a double, and she had Dolly's humor. Allison Spratt Pearce took on the role of Judy. I've seen her in a few shows now and am seeing the versatility in her acting. David Humprey did egotistical sexist jerk well. We all know them. Roz, played by Candi Milo, the best woman you love to hate. Candi could almost steal the show if everyone wasn't so good. One other semi-main character Joe the young nerd accountant who likes Violet, played by Chaz Feuerstine, another perfect choice.

Violet in One Of the Boys photo by Ken Jacques

Favorite numbers lead by the master conductor Don LeMaster were "Backwards Barbie" song by Doralee in the first act. And "One Of The Boys", sung by Violet and the Boys in the second act. Sensational choreography from Tamlyn Shusterman.

The show is directed by Cynthia Ferrer. Written by Higgins and Patricia Resnick. 9 To 5 starts the 10th season at San Diego Musical theatre. The show plays from February 10th 2017 to February 26th, 2017 at the historic Spreckels theatre downtown San Diego.

Spreckels theatre
121 Broadway San Diego CA 92101

Thursdays  7:30
Fridays   8:00
Saturdays  8:00
Sundays  2:00

San Diego Musical theatre website

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