42nd Street Review = San Diego Musical Theatre

42nd Street Review = San Diego Musical Theatre

By Kathy Carpenter
Associate/Youth Reviewer

42nd Street, if you are a big tap dancing fan this is the play you don't want to miss. I think this is the biggest tap dancing play ever made. Plenty of big production tap numbers. Fun, fast paced dancing, old fashioned, and romantic. Everything early thirties was all about. SDMT rendition reminds us of the gone by era in all the best ways. Two and a half hours of pure delight as we escape into Peggy Sawyer's dream.

The Company by Ken Jacques photography

Based on the book by Bradford Ropes and Busby Berekely's 1933 film adaptation, the musical Tony Award Winning Classic, is the story of  new kid Peggy Sawyer, She arrives fresh from the farm for a Broadway audition late. She was too afraid to go in. However, good or bad she makes impressions the minute she walks through the door and winds up becoming the star..

Ashley Ruth Jones played Peggy, I think she's the fastest tap dancer I can remember seeing. This probably won her this role, along with her spunk. Not many people tap these days. Even on So You Think You Can Dance, they won't use tap as one of the dances, they feel it's too hard to learn in a few days. I've had tap lessons not that long ago, and disagree. If you like tapping, take it, everyone needs an edge to win a role and tapping could be your ace. Although this show is mostly tap, a lot of shows feature some tapping. Go tappers.

Gabriel Navarro - Billy Lawlor & Ashley Ruth Jones - Peggy Sawyer

The tappers in this show and there were over twenty were amazing. Totally in sync thanks to choreographer Jill Gorrie. and the hard work or the dancers.

The Company by Ken Jacques photography

Favorite cast members, Bets Malone as Maggie Jones, was a petite bundle of dynamite. Katie Whalley Banville, as Andi Lee, she light up the stage. Gabriel Lawlor, as Billy, total charm. Robert J.Townsend played Julian Marsh, a man in his  element. Laura Dickenson, played Dorothy Brock, a perfect job, as the woman you wanted to hate. Ryan Fahey also did a nice job as Pat Denning, Dorothy's lover. The cast meshes perfectly thanks to director James Vesquez.

Don LeMaster is the music director and conducts the impeccable orchestra. With wonderful songs such as, "Shuffle Off To Buffalo," Lullaby of Broadway," and "42nd Street."

Loved the beautiful, colorful sequined dresses in the "Dames," number, But of course my overall favorite scene/number is where they go to the train stain to get Peggy back, "Lullaby of Broadway"

The Company by Ken jacques Photography

In 2015 SDMT started it's You Give We Give program. Each show they partner with a local non-profit to raise awareness. For "42nd Stree" SDMT partnered with UCSD's Shirley Marcos Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. Cast members await your donations with buckets at the end of this spectacular show.

42nd Street is playing at the beautiful historic Spreckle's Theatre in downtown San Diego, and will plays Thursday thru Sunday through June 12, 2016. 121 Broadway St.

Gabriel Navarro - Billy Lawlor & Ashley Ruth Jones - Peggy Sawyer by Ken Jacques Photography

If for some reason you can't make this show SDMT opens The Producers in
September, 23. 2016. Check out San Diego Musical Theatre at www.sdmt.org

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