Dalia Fayed and Massimillano Viccardi Art Exhibition in Paris with Special Guest, Nabil Hayari of Hayari Couture Paris!



Massimilllano Viccardi and Dalia Fayed


This December period marks one of those unforgettable moments in the lives of  great artists and designers: Dalia Fayed, Massimilano Viccardo, Nabil Hayari, and Hugues Alard. The collaboration of these great minds happened when Dalia Fayed, an Actress turned Artist known for “Ghost Stories, and Personal Demons,” teamed up with the Italian, London based Artist, Massimilano Viccardi at Dalia Fayed’s Gallery on No. 10, Rue Saint – Anastase, not far from the Musee Picasso. Dalia is a world renown artist who had won international critical acclaim and is known for her spiritual, transcendental, and abstract paintings. Onething remarkable about Dalia is,  she thrills art enthusiasts all over the world. Her artwork is usually delicate, sensitive with a depth of nature and reveals a real thirst for Life.                                                     


Phillipe Gehin, Massilliano Viccardi and some guests

With her huge heart and giving nature Dalia now represents Massimilano Viccardi, and decided to showcase his breathtaking pieces in her Gallery. And during this night, Art by Dalia’s Gallery was transformed into an island of treasures, as she showcased both her paintings and Massimilano Viccardi's artworks.  While looking at these beautiful work of art, a new world was opened up to me. I couldn’t believe how much ordinary strokes of paint, or pieces of gems that are wonderfully put together could open up a whole new world to my mind's eye. I actually teleported myself from Dalia’s gallery to several centuries in the future, that’s how good these work of arts are. I don't think anyone can get enough of these sensual artworks that speak volumes, because they are too good to be true. I imagined what it’s like to look at these beautiful artworks every day, it would leave one wondering about how life would be changed by constantly looking into the future.


Hayari Couture Paris

Talented people can turn one world into another. It’s just like Nabil Hayari’s gorgeous and breathtaking gowns. Anytime, l step into his showroom at No. 2 Avenue Matignon, Paris, l feel like l am in a different world, not the world we live in, but a world that belongs to the fairies, and goddesses. Creativity comes from the same concept, and  it doesn’t matter if one is designing breathtaking gowns, or creating pieces of artwork or paintings. Creativity is a special gift from God, and it is eternal. l am saying this, because as an example, Leonardo Di Vinci, created Monalisa, and Michelangelo created David and the Sistine Chapel and these artworks are eternal.  The work done by these greatmen creates the same reactions as if the artists that worked on them were still alive. And that's why l have great respect for these current artists, Dalia, Massimillano, and Hayari. Their own work will live forever.


Hayari Couture Paris



Hayari Couture Paris

Massimillano Vicardi’s artwork is about what we actually see at the moment is infact the result of a long journey, according to him.  Step by step, what he imagines and feels is a part of a big picture. On the other hand, to Dalia, art is about seizing the essence of the ephemeral in the hope of saving beauty. l actually thought that beauty will save the world, but from these great minds, I have learned the reverse is the case. "We the people" are the ones to save beauty, it is through our creations and creativitiy that we can  make the world a beautiful place. And l know this because, Hayari Couture breathtaking gowns can turn any woman into a princess, queen, fairy, goddess, or whatever one choose to be!


Nabil Hayari and Phillipe Gehin

From my point of view, Dalia Fayed and Massimillano Viccardi are two great artists of our time. And their union will take them to greater heights, because great minds and kindred spirits work together. As it is said, birds of the same feather, always flock together. Their dreams and visions will propel them to higher heights, because likemindedness is power. Dalia started painting as a child, and  grew up to be an accomplished  painter. But during this night, they mesmerized their audience with these unique pieces of treasures. 


Nabil Hayari, Afoma Eguh Okafor, Massimillano Viccardi, and Hugues Alard

l must congratulate Phillipe Gehin for organizing a great event, usually, a great event is known when the guests are beaming with smiles. Also, the displayed piece of artworks  created a beautiful and unique scene that will remain unforgettable in the mind's eye. Some of the paintings are so mysterified, for instance, there's one particular piece, called the baby without head l still cannot forget the image. While some of the artworks are like pieces of jewelry. Something one would want to wear everyday of their life. In a nut shell, the collaboration of Dalia Fayed and Massimilano is like a match made in heaven. 


Dalia Fayed and Massimillano

All my life, l have been so used to events including; movies, music, and celebrity red carpet of all kinds, but this night, was different, since this is actually my first art exhibition.  l must confess it was magnificient, exceptional and heartthrobbing. Observing these unique pieces of artwork and paintings is like looking into the future.  Or, if l may say, into another world far from this world we are in. The beauty, uniqueness, and distinctiveness of these personal treasures created images l can never forget, until eternity comes.


Hosts and Invitees


Massimiliano Viccardi, Dalia Fayed and some guests



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