The First Annual Premier Dog Reception and Film Festival - Oct. 2-3


The New York Dog Film Festival is the brainchild of Tracie Hotchner, the pet wellness advocate who is the author of “The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants Youto Know,” Tracie is the  producer and co-host of 10 pet talk radio shows on her Radio Pet Lady Network, in particular her NPR show “Dog Talk,”  which has been on the air in the Hamptons continuously for 9 years and has won a Gracie Award, the radio equivalent of an Oscar, along with her show CAT CHAT (which was a live call-in show on the Martha Stewart channel of Sirius/XM for 7 years).


First Annual Dog Festival - Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield


Based on the huge success of the Cat Video Festival, it was only natural to have short films with canine themes, exploring the deep relationships people have with their dogs with cinematic explorations of the human-canine bond. Tracie received so many high-quality, fascinating film submissions,  that there was more than enough material for two full programs of short animated, narrative any documentary films – which are what the Dog Film Festival has turned out to be!  Tracie's goal is to inspire a wide range of emotions and realizations about our relationships with dogs so that we might enjoy them even more profoundly. Just imagine loving your dog more -


The place for you and your pooch to be seen is the gala premiere cocktail party the night before the film festival, Oct. 2nd.  from 6-8 p.m.  If you can’t bring your pet or just want to be part of the event, please come.  All are invited!  But please note: there are only 150 of these tickets and only 38 of the limited edition Founding Member tickets remaining as of this  article which is the only way people can go to the Pooch Party.  


Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

Attendees will take home a deluxe ‘doggy swag bag’ filled with valuable gifts  and receive an “all-access dog tag” to wear the following day at the Film Festival  There will be craft beer, fine wine, and delightful people snacks and the most amazing treats for your pooches.  We can’t let our best friends go home hungry, can we?


The Golden Poochie Take Home Gift Bag - Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield


This exciting event will feature:

 A VIP. Green Carpet “step and repeat”  with canine photographer Milla Chapell of Real Happy Dogs and other professionals on hand to photograph you and your pet

 A glamorous doggy fashion show curated by canine fashion guru Ada Nieves.

Joan Rivers’ rescued dogs will be making their social debut, stepping out in style that would make their late Mom proud:  Samantha (a Javanese) and Teegan (a Japanese Chin) modeling outfits from Festival Sponsor Canine Styles.

Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

Animal Communicator Anni Germani (the pet psychic for the Westminster dog show) will help pet owners understand what their pets are thinking.

Top notch veterinarians will be on hand to answer questions, including  Dr. Amy Attas, (the Dog Film Festival veterinary Advisor),  NYC’s best-known house call vet from CityPetsVets ; Dr. Sue the Pet Cancer Vet (Tracie’s co-host on her radio show THE PET CANCER VET);

Holistic acupuncture vet Dr. Judy Morgan will present alternate ways to handle pain; NYC house-call acupuncturist Dr. Rachel Barrack, and numerous specialty veterinarians from VCA Hospitals in the New York area.  New York’s renowned dog trainer Andrea Arden will also be on hand to answer behavior questions.

Photo Credit: Jim Dratfield

The Halo Purely for Pets, supplements from CanineActiv, Primal Dose, and Nordic Naturals, omega-3 fish oil (for pets and people), Wagatha's Biscuits,, a 2 lb. box of The Honest Kitchen food, John Paul Pet shampoo, Peace, Love, Paws card,  a stuffed toy dog from Canine Styles,  that sings three songs, a WOOF baseball cap and To Go cup from VCA Hospitals with discounts for VCA Hospital visits, and the commemorative dog film festival poster. Founding Members will have a VIP entrance and roped-off  “best seats in the house” for both of the two different short film programs showing at noon and at 4 PM.  Regular tickets will also be available for each individual showing.

Julia - Photo Credit: Ellen Eichelbaum - Julia's mommy

Shorts Program #1 at 12 Noon runs 2 ¼ hours (with intermission] and has entirely different films from Shorts Program #2 at 4 PM, 2 ½ hours (with intermission)  There is a concession bar area inside the theatre for drinks and snacks and the neighborhood is surrounded by a great selection of low priced eateries for the 1 1/2 hours between the 2 Shorts Programs The films are appropriate for children of any age.

There are a total of 40 films ranging from 1 minute to 30 minutes, evenly divided between the two Shorts Programs. Each program is edited into one continuous film experience (with an intermission), to create a shared audience experience of joy, amazement and amusement about our relationship with our canine friends. If you don’t want to miss any of it, be prepared to settle in for the whole day and have the full shared experience of both programs.  I would personally add, don’t forget the Kleenex!

You would be advised to purchase tickets online as there is numbered reserved seating and tickets may well sell out before the event.

Stay tuned for reviews of both events coming up!

The Pooch Party cocktail party will be held Friday October 2nd from 6-8 PM at Ruby and Jack’s Doggy Shack - Second Avenue & 60th Street, NYC  

For information on the film festival:

The Dog Film Festival will be Saturday October 3rd at Symphony Space at Broadway at 95th Street,  NYC 














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