NY Startups to Watch - Birchbox.com, Boxmonthly.com and Quirky.com


Boxmonthly.com, Quirky.com and Birchbox.com



Birchbox Show in NYC



Silicone valley led the digital space early on.  However, now NYC has become an important growth market for startups.  Boxmonthly.com is a new kid on the block with a rapidly growing subscriber rate.  Boxmonthly is a beauty box, health and self esteem combo. "Look like a million and feel richer."  

Quirky.com is a website for inventors.  They create innovative new products from community submissions and votes.  Members get influence for contributing to a Quirky project in development.  They have a Cable space saver for Macs, a dust pan that cleans your broom and mugs with a spoon clipped on the side.

Birchbox.com started the subscription beauty box trend.  They have over 100,000 customers per month. Now they have sold out to TV shows and magazines promoting special edition boxes.

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