Music icon Rod Stewart in Conversation with Hoda Kotb - An intimate look at The Man

The crowds were electric.  They were all ages, from kids as young as my granddaughter to women who were as old as my mom.  Truly a multigenerational event.   I recall a Paul McCartney concert several years ago when several fans in the first row held up a banner that said, "My grandmother loves you" and to think I fell into that category made me 'older than I thought.'  But being older gives you the greatest appreciation when you experience an evening as I did, listening to the life and loves of Rod Stewart.


Rod Stewart in Conversation - Photo Credit: 92nd Street Y

Hoda Kotb had the privilege of interviewing the rock legend in a comfy chair, face- to- face, bringing the audience into a more intimate setting.  The reception he received was so loud and long you would have thought he was going to break into a concert.  It took Hoda a bit of time to calm the audience down and I'm sure Rod was thrilled he was appreciated.  He took a proud bow.


Rod Stewart & Hoda Kotb - Photo Credit: 92nd Street Y

Many music icons are more comfortable singing rather than just 'talking,' and I felt that Mr. Stewart would rather be singing, Maggie May (who by the way, was his first 'experience' when he was 17 and she was in her 30's.)  But, it only took a few moments for him to be comfortable in his chair alongside Hoda and his glass of wine.


Rod & Hoda - Photo: Courtest of Santiago Filipe

Before the audience got to write down their questions, Rod was quite open about his life, his family, his kids and all of his wives.  His first real love was Britt Eckland, the Bond girl from the 60's whom he was introduced to by Joan Collins.  He lived with her in a much-publicized romance.  He then went on to have three wives and eight children ranging in age from 57 to 4.  Yes, from 57 to 4.  He was a different daddy 'back then' being on the road most of the time and spending little time with his kids.  Now, at age 70 and looking amazing with a real head of hair, his 7 and 4-year old kids get lots of attention. 


Rod Stewart in Coversation with Hoda Kotb - Photo Courtest of: Santiago Philipe

"Loving music was the reason for writing and singing back in the 60's" Rod emphatically stated.  "We didn't do it for the fame or the money; we just loved what we did."  Clearly, the old saying, of 'all you have to do is love what you do and the rest will follow' holds true for many of the famous icons today.  Songs were written during meals, on buses, in bathrooms and 'on the spot.'  Even the most famous of artists couldn't believe that songs they wrote at dinner would eventually sell millions of copies.


Rod Stewart & Hoda Kotb - Photo Courtesy of: Michael Priest

Rod, as I comfortably call him, had a wonderful family relationship especially with his father.  He talked about his late dad with love, admiration and respect.  "He was the one who kept telling me to go-ahead and do what you love."  "You'll be great," his dad said.  Back then, being a musician wasn't considered a 'full time job.'  Most of today's icons such as Billy, Paul, Neil, and Elton, who, by the way, texted Rod a few moments before he began his conversation, could never have predicted that they would be going stronger at age 70+.

Rod Stewart - Photo Courtesy of: Michael Priest

Rod's new album, Another Country, is getting rave reviews by not only critics, but by fans as well.  It was apparent to a lucky group of fans who purchased the signed CD when they purchased their tickets. According to Rod, the songs he wrote are 'for the fans' and more about life and love.  It happens as these icons age;  they feel completely at home with who they are and their music becomes, if not a part of them, it is them.

Photo Courtesy of 92nd St.Y

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Photos: Courtesy of 92nd Street Y and Rod Stewart


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