The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Has Landed!

Copenhagen’s, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour recently landed in Manhattan for a whirlwind week of publicity junkets promoting their new album and summer tour.

Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.*

The album, Fruit, due out May 19, is the first full length CD released since the Danish duo created a global sensation after booking an I-tunes commercial. The instantaneous success that surrounded the commercials release moved them into an international spotlight.

I met Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg at a photo shoot arranged by their Girlie Action team in New York’s Greenwich Village. Both in their mid-twenties they appear causal and comfortable with their newfound success.  We talked for a few minutes before the shoot: I explained I wanted to photograph them as they were being photographed, as I thought that would add an interesting twist to the whole pre-released image packaging. They were all, even the photographer, more than accommodating.

Lars and Mette with celebrity photographer Miranda Penn Turin in NYC.

Mette is a reincarnation of the 60’s psychedelic flower girl with contemporary styling. She’s the lead vocalist and has a sound that captures the listener with a combination of a British/Scandinavian accent that’s not lost in the mix. She’s a gifted singer, pleasant with a fun personality and stunning looks.   Her concern that she “looks to thin” in a culture of thin or die is reasonable and, as we all enjoyed the green room goodies, is simply genetics and unfounded. 

Lars allows a dual persona to be created as he’s always photographed wearing sunglasses and presents the a-typical rocker. In reality, he’s an accomplished jazz pianist, collected, reserved, and well spoken; a consummate professional with his eyes on all aspects of the business.  When we got down to the business of the interview he was sans sunglasses.

Pre-released photos of the Danish duo.*

Of course, it was necessary to ask the most expected question, “How did you come up with the name of your band?” Lars explained laughing, “Our trumpet player came up with it. He had an idea for some kind of free Jazz group. He has a crazy mind and is very poetic and creative and talked of the concept of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and I picked it up and said ‘I’m going to steal that and you’re going to be in my band.’”  He continued laughing, “And he is.”

Before the smoke and mirrors of fame.

And then the next obvious question, “How did the two of you meet?” Again, Lars explained, “We started playing in a band together some time ago. It didn’t work out. Then some years passed and I began to write new songs” He paused then added, “Soulful in a way, soul funk music, 60’s and 70’s, psychedelic funk and then after I had the songs written I called Mette because I knew her from back in the day when we would hang out.” He laughed, “I knew she was a cool singer, yet to be discovered, and had a great sound. We met up and then she didn’t know if she had time for it. “Then,” as the story goes, “she thought about it and agreed and that,” according to Lars, “was a little over one year ago.”

The two wait for instructions from the Girlie Action Team hidden behind the photographer.

The I-tunes commercial was followed with the release of The Sun Ain’t Shining No More, on the Small Giants label. The track, which has gotten Triple A radio play, according to Lars, “was written a long time ago.” He laughed, “Yes, it could be someone I know. It’s not about Mette. It’s one of the early songs that I wrote a long time ago. It’s like a little naive girl that gets pissed because her love life didn’t go the way she wanted. It was a really easy song to write. It’s very narrative. The newer songs are more like pictures from your mind described in words.”  

They’re extremely influenced by Copenhagen’s music culture which is a mixture of the current music trends the music movement that grew out of the 60’s and 70’s and when asked both Mette and Lars list David Bowie as a major musical inspiration in their lives and Mette added “Bob Dylan is cool, Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross are also great.” 

Flowing with the creativity, Lars and Mette, strike a pose.

Neither wants to be labeled as indie, punk, grunge or any genre that places musical boundaries on them. Lars added “Pop Music, that’s what I do. I write pop,  it’s not indie,  not electro, it’s not anything like people are doing. It’s not the specific genre of pop or soul that’s just how it ended up sounding. It’s not that I wanted to make that kind of music. It was just the grooves and the feeling of it and the horns.”

Pausing for instructions.

This tune coupled with the I-tunes commercial has made them a smash hit in Europe. The success of the commercial coupled with this track created an awareness of the future potential and still smart enough to work for today. Mette explained, “We live in Demark. The commercial is not shown there. I don’t have Television anyway. Then we play in Germany and it’s completely sold out with long lines and everyone is singing our songs. We get updates and I think it's better not to know so we can go on and do what we do. Lars spoke much the same way, “We’re starting to get there but I haven’t really felt it that much yet. It’s still a hype kind of success. People are talking about us, lots of interviews and press.  We don’t really feel it that much.”

Catching them working the camera.

They’re both focused on issues of the recording industry, “As new artists,” Mette added, “It’s new times for music. People don’t buy music the same way.  They’re downloading and burning CD’s and that’s not good for the artists even though it’s not that expensive to buy music. So it’s a new problem and you have to find a way to make music cheaper and I think live shows are a big thing and it gives people a fresh experience. People are more likely to buy the music after a live experience.”

Lars and Mette get in the groove of the shoot.

Lars and Mette, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have been embraced by music critics from Rolling Stone, Nylon, and Spin to Aol, Yahoo! Music and USA Today and fans who showed their support by downloading the debut single Around The Bend an astronomical 60,000 times. I expect they’ll blaze across the music sky and burn in the galaxy for some time.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour first full length release, Fruit, due out in May.*

The Asteroirds Galaxy Tour returns to the U.S. in March when they play South by South West in Austin, Texas followed by gigs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and other major cities.

For more on The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and Tour Information:
To hear The Sun Ain’t Shining No More.:

Noted images (*) courtesy of Girlie Action Media & Marketing.
All others courtesy of Janet Walker and Pulse Point Productions, Inc.


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