Rebecca Taylor Spring 2009 Collection - A Spring Bouquet of Fashion

Rebecca Taylor unveiled her Spring/Summer 2009 Collection recently as September’s Fashion Week catapulted past the winter blahs and into the summer of love with a line that featured retro-fashion circa 1969.

Tiger silk shorts with oversize white top and cream loose sleeve lacey V top with button up cream jean skirt.

The Rebecca Taylor line reflected the awakening of the late sixties with bold colors and inching up-to-there hemlines. Flirty ruffled short skirts paired with short tailored boy-jackets along with the bold block prints and geometric designs that accompanied a new found freedom of expression.

Khaki boy blazer paired with over size white top and flirty brown mini and tiger tank and short skirt with little ruffle jacket.

The Height Ashbury influence was evidenced by the free flowing block print dresses, the loose fitting bodices with shoestring lace V centers, low waist loose skirts with lavender stripping and knotted short fringe.  Airy flowing garments that move freely with body movements reminicent of the Woodstock hippie girl dresses with a contemporary twist.

Fuchsia Wildflower sundress and Wildflower blue ruffle jacket over Indian block print dress.

Rebecca Taylor is on the cutting edge of a fast track fashion movement to recycle those now suddenly in style sixties fashions with coquettish baby doll rompers that are playfully alluring in multi-design print fabric, cigarette style flat front pants, circa Ann Margaret, frilly, see thru scalloped hem, sequined slip dresses in pinks, blues and pale greens.

Geometric purple dress and Indian block print full sleeve dress.

For her suddenly sixties looks she utilized silk, lace, chiffon, poplin and cashmere trimmed with sequins and embroideries. The circa 60’s fashion footwear was stacked perforated open-toe scrunch boots in rainbow shades.

Wildflower blouse with smokey lavender pant and Sequin Knit top with khaki jodhpurs.

From the trendiest New York neighborhoods to LA’s Melrose Avenue celebrities, Eva Longoria Parker, Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kelly Ripa and Vanessa Minnillo have found that Rebecca Taylor Fashions fit their fabulous wardrobes.  When one has the opportunity to choose anything choosing Rebecca Taylor is what these talented trendsetters have done. 

The very pregnant Tori Spelling, daughter of the late Television icon Aaron Spelling, and the always stunning Eva Longoria Parker wearing Rebecca Taylor.

The innovative approach to fashion is also present in her humanitarian efforts. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month it is fitting to mention that Rebecca Taylor is on the forefront of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign with her continual support for the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Triple Negative Breast Cancer is an aggressive subtype of Breast Cancer affecting primarily younger women and African Americans.

Regis Philban with Kelly Ripa wearing Rebecca Taylor on the set of "Live With Regis and Kelly."

With an alarming oversight Triple Negative Breast Cancer is not commonly spoken of in Breast Cancer Campaign as it is a little known subtype. Statistics indicate that 15% of Breast cancer cases are classified as Triple Negative. This diagnosis, of triple negative, indicates that the cancer is absent of estrogen, progesterone and HER-2 hormone receptors and therefore most common breast cancer treatments are ineffective. 

Hollywood Hotties Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing Rebecca Taylor.

In her commitment to helping find a cure for this unique subtype, Rebecca Taylor has designed a special lingerie set to benefit the foundation. The lingerie set is a beautiful mix of rose satin cream lack and floral print trim. It retails for $175.00 and is available at the Rebecca Taylor Boutique at 260 Mott Street in the Soho section of New York’s lower east side.

Vanesa Minnillo wearing Rebecca Taylor with Nick Lachey.

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation was founded in 2005 in honor of Nancy Block-Zenna who was diagnosed at the age of 35 and dies two and half years later. 100% of the proceeds associated with the sale of this lingerie set will go to the foundation.


Inside the Rebecca Taylor Showroom.

For more information on Rebecca Taylor: www.

For more information on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation: www.tnbc foundation .org

All photos courtesy of Rebecca Taylor PR.

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