Cinemonde Soirée Number 8: Wonderful World

Cinemonde Soirée Number 8,  a private international film screening series, bid farewell to 2009, with the showing of Wonderful World starring Matthew Broderick at the School of Visual Arts Theater in the Chelsea Section of Manhattan.

Matthew Broderick in Wonderful World. *

The screenings, offered throughout the year, are invitation only and presented in a unique venue with opportunity for interaction with filmmakers, distinguished guests and others through the common appreciation of fine wine, fine food and fine art. 

Cinemonde Soirée Number 8. Roger Smith owner of The Roger Smith Hotel (back to camera) being interviewed. *

Soirée Number 8, the last screening of the decade, featured the first audience showing of  Josh Goldin’s Wonderful World, starring Matthew Broderick, Sanaa Lathan, Michael Kenneth Williams and newcomer Jodelle Ferland with Ally Walker as Broderick’s former wife, Eliza.

Broderick With Sanaa Lathan.

Wonderful World tells the story of Ben Singer, a former kids folk singer, think Raffie, whose meteoric rise was met with equal decent, and the premise has Singer existing as a career proofreader, a habitual pot smoker and a serious grumpy old, before his time, man. Broderick portrays this well as his everyman face becomes symbolic of the nameless cog in Corporate America.

Broderick as Ben Singer

He lives in a one bedroom apartment with Ibou, an insulin dependent Senegalese, portrayed by Brooklyn born Michael Kenneth Williams. Their deep thoughts are voiced through the enhancement of pot and the concentration of Chess.

Michael Kenneth Williams as Ibou.

Broderick’s character is divorced from Eliza, portrayed by Ally Walker who re-married the exact replica of Broderick’s ruler, the corporate man, and have a ‘tween daughter, Sandra, beautifully captured by the relatively new actress Jodelle Ferland. Ferland portrays the ‘tween emotions well as carefree childhood is replaced by adolescent concern. She appears to be a seasoned actress at the ripe old age of fifteen.

Jodelle Ferland.

The film opens with the corporate neighbor attempting to maneuver his vehicle past the clearly illegally parked Broderick. This is interpreted as an antagonistic constant jostling for position. This lengthy parking space battle turns ugly when William’s character goes into a diabetic coma and Broderick’s neighbor has his car towed, the final one-up, without thought or concern to the need as Ibou lies, near dead, in the alley. The ability of Corporate America to step over those in need is a repeated theme and clearly portrayed over and over throughout the film. If one has ever had a moment in the stone cold walls of Corporate Anywhere there is a chance that these abusive attitudes have been witnessed and the impressions indelible.

Williams, Broderick and Lathan.

Broderick is terminated for lateness as he accompanied his friend to the hospital. His employer, every Corporate America Corporation, insists that Broderick’s concern over the human condition and a dying friend were not cost effective and therefore grounds for termination. He picks up a going nowhere job as a pizza delivery man and delivers to the home of the corporate exec who terminated him. Typical of every abuser, the ingrained ability to walk away without ever remembering the name of the person destroyed, there is no inkling of recognition. Although law firm is not stated, as one who has barely survived the law firm extermination camp, it is clearly implied.

Broderick's, Ben Singer and Lathan's, Khadi.

The film depicts the decay of the human condition and adds a few bright spots along the way. Singer’s family is a life raft that pulls Broderick along while he contemplates sinking or swimming. He is portrayed as one of the fortunate who have a choice. The tug of his daughter; even the battle with her mother is life. He meets with a group of backroom greats for jam sessions that feed life to a clearly malnourished soul and psyche.

Broderick and Lathan.

The concern of the human condition is lost except for Ally Walker’s, Eliza and an unexpected visit by Ibou’s sister, portrayed by Sanaa Lathan.  Lathan’s Khadi arrives to care for her brother and through planned manipulation seduces Broderick’s character. Until discovered, she is a welcome addition to the household, caring for Broderick, mothering his daughter, charming everyone.

Sandra, Jodelle Ferland, and Khadi, Sanaa Lathan.

There were great moments in the film. Without giving away the ending, a pure moment from Broderick came, as we were told, by the direction of Goldin. All will know it when seen.  The film has good moments and pure honest depictions.  The film was written and directed by Josh Goldin and produced by Ambush Entertainment.

On location with Wonderful World Josh Goldin. (Front)

The idea of Cinemonde was birthed by Mr. Jerry Rudes who is the founder and director of the Avignon Film Festival in France and the Avignon/New York Film Festival.  The Cinemonde Film Series consists of a succession of soirees throughout the year each providing an opportunity for thought provoking film to be screened in an elegant private setting.

Out of the ashes father and daughter grow closer.

The Soirée began with a gourmet cocktail party featuring ultra elegant hors d’oeuvres served in abundance including Smoked Salmon whipped into an airy mousse and served on cucumber rounds, these delicate indulgences resonated through the palette, and like a fine wine, enveloped the senses. Needless to say they were delicious!

Williams, Goldin, Dan Schulman and Dan Zanes take questions after the film.

Also served were Taco mini-cups filled heaping with guacamole, another delicate indulgence and wildly popular were the Mini Croque Monsieur’s, a crispy toasted finger sandwich with boiled ham and Gruyere cheese. Also served were Greek Salad Bites with Feta, Olives & Oregano stuffed in Phyllo cups, and  Bocconcino & Sundried Tomato with fresh Basil and Indian Samosas with Chutney. All hors d’oeuvres and desserts were prepared by guest chef Nata Traub.

Cinemonde Soirée Number 8: Good film, good food and great fun! *

Red and white wine from Spain and Italy were served along with Cinemon’tini Martinis, with Zyr Vodka, with olives and a dash of Vermouth and Zyr Cranberry delight, featuring Zyr Vodka with Cranberry Juice complimented the exquisite selection of hors d’oeuvres. The dessert reception featured an assortment of Brownie Bites, Cream Puffs and Mini Chocolate Puddings with whipped cream.

Cinemonde Soirée Number 8 at the School of Visual Arts in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

The evening ended with gift bags filled by Cinemonde sponsors and included Kiss My Face Cosmetic products,  MovieMaker Magazine, Natori Fragrances for Women, Marc Ecko Fragrances for Men, Celestial Seasonings Tea, Kiss My face Body Care.  Cinemonde partners that made the evening special include LVT Laser Subtitling, The Roger Smith Hotel, LSZ Communications, Mark Ecko, Natori, Maria Synder Art, Zyr Vodka, Creature Feature, Royal Wine Merchants, Kiss My Face Natural Body Care, BlueBird Express, LuMesh Cosmetics, Celestial Seasonings Teas. Guest Chef for the evening: Nata Traub

Through the generous support of Cinemonde sponsors all attendees of Cinemonde Soirée Number 8 took home gift bags! *

Cinemonde is a private event and guests are by invitation only once an invitation is extended instructions are forwarded for receiving tickets. 

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