Stagestruck - New York - March 12th

Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, or rather bleary-eyed and lets not talk about my tail (which I don't have but thought it sounded kinda funny).

Actually, I'm already getting ahead of myself.  I need to introduce my new column drum roll please; tttttmmmm, tttttmmmm, tttttmmmmm, TADA!!!  Stagestruck!!!  Like the title? Me, Too! But, are you wondering what's it all about?  

It's about me and my journey to reclaim a dream I had early in life, a dream that I haven't done much more than flirt with for years.  What-???-, dream, journey, flirt, reclaim, why now, what is she talking about?  I'm glad you asked. When I was a child I wanted to be an actress and not just any actress but a stage actress. 

Helen Hayes

In sixth grade we had to do a report on someone we admired who was working in a career we were interested in.  With a little guidance from my mom, (face it I was in sixth grade the only actors I knew were on TV). We choose Helen Hayes. She was so beautiful, graceful and refined, a true lady and an amazing actress. Not only did she do TV and movies but she was a stage actress, oh bliss! That's what I wanted. I pursued it by getting myself trained, enrolling in classes, workshops, drama schools, university etc, etc. But when it came time to actually do it, I'd always stop short. I moved to Los Angeles instead of big scary New York. I got a job, met a man and sidetracked myself, typical story. During those sidetrack years I flirted around with going back and pursuing acting but never had the follow thru. Until now.

Now, as they say is a new day and it is time, actually way past time, for me to start living the life I've always wanted. There's a quote I use as inspiration by George Eliot 'It is never too late to be what you might have been.' I've used it as a mantra for a few years and just found it on a refrigerator magnet that I will hang on my new fridge in New York City. NYC, that's right!

My life in Rubbermaid bins

I have packed away my life in plastic rubbermade bins, which are now filling up my mom's way to full already rec. room, packed three suitcases and moved to NYC. I'm currently sub-leasing a studio and two cats while I explore the neighborhoods in Manhattan and decide where I'd like to live.

I've hired a life coach and an acting coach who are one and the same lovely woman. I've even been to my first New York audition and I am going to share all my adventures, mishaps, successes and failures with you. I will also be interviewing Entertainment folk, actors, directors, casting people, producers etc. From them we will find out the inside scoop on what's hot, how things really work, and maybe if we are lucky a little juicy gossip as well.

Mae West

I'll be posting my weekly Stagestruck on Mondays. Next weeks column will cover what Mae West and I have in common besides Generous Curves, my apartment hunt and my first New York audition.

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