Slava's Snowshow - The Magic of Snow and Clowns Through the Eyes of an Adult

Some might look at the poster and wonder what is so special about a show featuring clowns.  The answer is, everything.  Slava's is one show you will never forget.  The playful clowns will instill upon you a sense of childlike wonderment towards the beauty and hilarity that is life.


Yellow looking on

Slava's Snowshow is not a show with an intriguing plot, fabulous singing and dancing, or compelling dialogue.  It's there to make you smile, to giggle with innocent amusement, to laugh from your belly, and most of all to remind us that life is magnificent.  Aside from the amusing nature of the show there are the most stunning visuals you'll ever seen in a live performance.


Everything about the set is brilliantly designed to put the audience at ease, much like you would a small child.  The clowns...well there are clowns so it's already not your typical show...the clowns are dressed in bright colors and perform very innocent routines that can force a smile out of anyone.  It is quite rare to see a performance that can tickle both the minds of adults and children alike.


The great journey

They interact with the audience, spraying you with water when it rains, filling the theater with snow (tissue paper), climbing on chairs through the crowd, and covering the theater with a giant cobweb.


The most notable aspect of the astounding visuals is at the very end' the journey has turned long and brought the clowns to where no clown has gone before.  Trudging their way through the snow they get caught in a blizzard, and the music kicks up; your heart starts racing. The wind is picking up; the snow is falling harder now.  The light is getting brighter; now it's blinding and the wind is HOWLING as the music reaches its crescendo and the snowing piling up all around you!  Then complete blackness' silence' nothing.


The Blizzard

Covered in snow you're looking around laughing, blinded, astounded, and awestruck at what you've just experienced.  Nothing in the theatrical world can even come close.  You stand up to applaud and you're up to your ankles in snow. It's in your hair, down your shirt, somehow if found its way into your shoes and you feel giddy; like a kid who doesn't have to go to school because of a snow day.  And when you get home a flake or two flutters to the floor and you start laughing all over again.  That is the magic behind Snowshow' it sticks.


Slava's Snowshow is the creation of Slava Polunin, who is currently working on several other theatrical projects.  One of which, Diabolo, has just premiered in Europe.  Slava and his former students have also contributed to Cirque du Soleil.


The audience having fun

Snowshow has been running as a collection of Slava's highlights since 1993, though it was originally called YellowSnowshow is constantly changing and employs new ideas and inspirations.  It has toured the world and has been performed in 25 different countries.


And the wind was howling...

Currently Slava's Snowshow is running at the Union Square Theater in New York City.  Those on the West Coast and in Mexico fear not, Old Man Winter has something in store for you too.  Forecasts call for a blizzard at the Golden Gate Theater in San Francisco from April 11 May 7.  Also opening in Mexico City in April 2006.

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