Rock the Bells After Party at Guesthouse Review - Stay Away from Guesthouse

This flyer is a lie

(New York, NY) - Rock the Bells is arguably the biggest hip-hop festival in the world.  Artists such as Wu-Tang clan, Rage Against the Machine, Mos Def, Talib Kweli and many, many more took the stage to the most diverse crowd I had ever seen in my life. The concert was epic, full of surprise guests and amazing energy.  Unfortunately, that is not what I am about to write about.  Following the show on Sunday night, I was slated to attend what was promoted as the “Official Rock the Bells After Party.” This invite was sent to publications and media representatives throughout the country.  Doors were opening at 11 and it was going to be hosted by Q-tip, with a Tribe Called Quest, and live performances by Mos Def and De La Soul.  The concert went on that night past midnight. I left, against my better judgment, at 10:30. I wanted to make sure I made it in time to this after-party being hyped by a formerly unheard of promoter named Jeremy Asgari.

When my guest and I arrived at Guesthouse that night there was no line. In fact, there was no one there. The doorman, a horrifically dressed moron, told us the admission was $40 that night. I couldn’t believe it.  I explained to him that I was media and there to do a story.  He claimed everyone had to pay. I was about to leave right then and there, but my friend offered to pay him $20 and so we were in. I wish she never gave him that $20 because what we encountered over the following two and a half hours were my saddest hours spent in any club and I once went to under 21 night at Pacha.

No one showed up. Not one guest that was promised by Guesthouse or Asgari. I didn't even catch sight of a lowly back-up dancer. There were literally 30 people in the club that night. And I know this for a fact because I was so overcome with boredom I counted. I had never been to Guesthouse prior to this, but now I know and cay say with confidence: Guesthouse is a place to go if you cannot get into any real clubs and you have no sense of pride or self.

Following my evening of agony, I decided to put my journalistic skills to good use and contact Asgari. When I spoke to him, he seemed nervous and jittery, claiming the whole incident was a "miscommunication." However, he also said, "I personally feel the artists just flaked." He told me that what happened was that someone he works with (but who doesn't work for his company Socialight Entertainment) named Nitro was the one dealing with the contract. Nitro could not be reached for comment. His supposed contract stated the artists would not be in attendance at any other venue that night. Asgari said the contract was never signed by the artists & that they did not find out the artists would be no-shows until 2am. I mentioned that the doorman told me at 2:45 am that "Mos Def is on his way." Asgari said they were having a lot of problems with the doorman that night. I couldn't get anything out of Guesthouse. When I asked the doorman to speak to a manager he refused and when I politely asked what had happened with all the guests, he simply claimed he did not know. He had an air of unbridled arrogance. Reminder: you work the door of Guesthouse on a Sunday.

So who is at fault? I put the blame on Jeremy Asgari and Guesthouse. An unsigned contract? Come on. And five different artists flaking out on an appearance? It is just too coincidental. And although Asgari apologized profusely, I felt he was just giving me the run-around and he was nervous over the fact he may be getting bad publicity.

The moral of the story? Stay away from Guesthouse and any parties thrown by Socialight Entertainment. And never, ever under any circumstances pay a $20 cover when there isn't even a line outside.

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