The Marvelous Wonderettes Review - The Girls are back in town!


In 1958, way back 'when,' I was a tyke on a bike.  The only songs I was singing were the kiddle songs I read in books.  So, how is it that the same year the Wonderettes went to their senior prom in 1958, I knew the words to every single song they sang?  There are different interpretations as I think back to the great days of old when Leslie Gore, Connie Frances, The Diamonds and many other 'oldie' groups were popular.  Mr. Sandman, sung by the Chordettes, was written in 1954.  I know every word.  I knew every word to every song and loved every minute.  1954?   That was a million years ago.  No, it was last night.

Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

Betty Jean (Sally Schwab), Cindy Lou (Jenna Leigh Green), Kathy Brier (Suzy) and Christina Bianco (Missy) are the foursome to beat this Broadway season.  All four girls, dressed in their prom best, crinoline and all, harmonized their way to my heart. They are the seniors at Springfield High School prom and also best friends. The audience, many who were quite a bit younger than me, was also singing along as every song became a legend again. 


Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

Four individual personalities brought smiles and laughter to the audience as the story unfolded.


The opening act gives you the impression that this show is all about singing great oldies.  Sure, that's a big part of it, but, the underlying story is so much fun that you really care about each girl, their boyfriends, their lives and the relationships between them.


It would be hard to pick out the best of the bunch as each of these dynamos belted out their part of the harmony with zest, animation, and lots of perfect body language.


Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

Alas, as the music reaches our hearts, time is flying by and after the prom in 1958, the next time we see our girls is at their 10 year reunion.   


The girls have gotten older, married, abandoned and pregnant.  And the songs were perfect for the period.  We get to hear all the goodies of that decade including, "The Son of a Preacher Man", "Rescue Me,"  "Respect" and many others. 


Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

One brave husband in the audience took his place on stage as "Mr. Lee" (as in the song, of course), and couldn't have been happier being 'huddled and cuddled' by the four stars. 


Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

I laughed, I sang and I felt really good as I left this beautiful theater.  On a separate note:  The Kirk Theatre is a wonderful place to see a show.  This is Theater Row and it houses six small theaters with multiple productions at the same venue with a lovely lounge to grab a drink and a snack before the show.  There are lots of gems off Broadway and Theater Row is one of those gems.


Photo Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

“The Marvelous Wonderettes” was written in 1999 by Roger Bean, author of several period musical revues including “The Summer of Love” and “Route 66.”


Jenna Leigh Green, Kathy Brier, Christina Bianco, and Sally Schwab. - Photo Courtesy of: The Marvelous Wonderettes


Although the dresses would be considered 'costumes' by my kids' standards, they were the actual dresses we wore to our own proms.  And a note to my, not-so-little- kids, who have their own not-so-little-kids,  there will be a day that you will be scouring my closet and you just might find some crinoline.  And, it just may be in style......again.

The Marvelous Wonderettes Tickets & Information

Theatre Row - The Kirk Theatre

The Marvelous Wonderettes is playing at the Kirk Theater, at 410 West 42nd Street, (Between 9th and 10th Avenues) New York, New York. The last performance is on September 04, 2016. There are currently 72 performances scheduled.


Photos: Courtesy of The Marvelous Wonderettes

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