Sasha Seven - club promoter

Raise your glasses readers and let's toast to the man of the hour, Sasha Seven, Ritz Bar's number one promoter . Oops I forgot to get my drink. A Vodka and club soda, Pleazzzzzzzzz. Now that I am tipsy, let's get back to the man that bit my nipple, leaving his DNA. Yes, I am a freak, party crusher, sex teaser and I will never be anything but kind and respectful. Dislike anything fancy but rather just be dancy. Do I  have you freaking out? It's not that serious! Sasha Seven is here telling everyone to lift the weight of the world off your shoulder and straighten up your act and boogie down. Sasha is a party type person and if you can't hang with the feeling, there is no room for you at his parties. As for me I like to party night and day, living crazy is the only  way. I let the madness in the music get to me and I enjoy myself. I am dancing in words promoting one of the sweetest promoters around.

Sasha Seven! Photo by Wilson models

Sasha Seven works in healthcare during the day and is a  NYC club socialite/promoter by night. In the past year he has had a few parties in Chelsea and is part of a few LGBT Networking organizations (i.e., Gladd, Dot 429). He hosts a successful weekly party at a premiere club in NYC called the Ritz Bar/Night club. Most recently, Sahsa held a benefit to support the 2011 New York AIDS Walk.


Successful club promoters use many tools to lure people into nightclubs and implement a whole array of modern marketing & promotional tactics. What sets Sasha Seven aside from all the other promoters, is that he has the number one tool in being a successful club promoter "Approachable". The best tool a modern club promoter has at his or her disposal is their personal relationship with their clients. Manny promoters overlook this, and instead focus all their time and energy on aggressive marketing techniques. Party promoting is a job that deals with people. It’s about strong relationships with your clients. Ignore your clients, and your business will fall apart. Treat your clients well, and word-of-mouth will spread like wildfire. Always remember that word-of-mouth is a promoter’s best asset. Here are my words from my mouth. I party in the east. I party in the west. You can hear it in the street or read it in the press. It's never to much when I dance. Sasha Seven kicks ass as a promoter and the Ritz is one of the best places in midtown to drop it like it's hot and pick it up like it's cold. Life should always be like a party. If you are out and about and want to party? Seek out Sasha Seven.

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