Plastic Plates at Mister H review - Atmospheric House Music in the Dark

This past Thursday, November 20th, The Mister H club adjoining the Mondrian SoHo Hotel in NYC was filled from the curtained wall by the DJ booth, to the library bar, to each one of its vampire-esque red walls with a slim collection of the young, the frisky, and the eager of SoHo. The hype that drew me into this lounge-y parlor-of-the-night was the specialty show of Take Two Entertainment’s title DJs Plastic Plates, who have recently been on tour with Mansion Moon, accompanied by RIA and Power Slug.

The ambiance of Mister H is one to be admired. Walking into the club, I was greeted by a dark yet sexy vibe that mixed a Maharaja’s harem with a Tokyo underground club peppered with popular hipster tones. Curtains covered the windows on one side and a blaring red neon sign with classic Japanese lettering. Couches lined one wall and created reserved areas before getting cut off by an ever inviting stripper pole, which led into the VIP area. Rustic and Moroccan style loveseats were gathered next to the economically sized DJ booth which stood before a painting of a man smoking a hookah reminiscent of Gandhi.

In front of the booth was a spacious dance area that led back around to the bar, which is where the hipster elements came into play. Above the bar hung vintage, rusted cages filled with decorative birds and gothic baby-doll heads that were drawn on or slightly burnt. Behind the bar was a literal library of alcohol and old books stacked up to the ceiling and mixed with various other fun and unusual trinkets. Oh, and a stripper pole at one end of the bar (I’m sensing a theme in terms of this club’s true intention). Being quite a bohemian and, admittedly, hipster type myself, the bar was the aspect of the club which intrigued me most, however disingenuous to the hipster lifestyle due to the overpriced drinks; beer was $9 and the selection stopped at a grand total of three domestic beers, and my house whiskey on the rocks was a fun $14. I did not ask how much a specialty cocktail was.

Tucked into one wall near the bar was a small alcove lined with couches and more pillows than a giant baby could ask for, as well as a humorous neon sign saying “this is not a brothel, there are no prostitutes at this address.” To assist in this statement of denial, on the wall was a giant painting of a female, masked, white rabbit pole-dancing – again, a theme.

At the allotted performance time the starter DJ was already playing some basic house music which was enjoyable and put me in the mood for the rest of the evening. Closer to 11pm the crowds began trickling in, short skirts, button downs, and polos abounding, which is when the beat got heavier and more engaging. I assumed this was the beginning of the show – I was left to assumption because there was no advertising or announcement of any sort. The club was completely dry of any poster, sign, or sticky note of the title DJs or any of their guests. I had hoped there would be an emcee to lead us into a night of dancing, carousing, and general debauchery – something which the atmosphere and decoration of the club had been building up. I was left to simply pick out the new DJs by the songs I had heard on their YouTube channel, which can be quite a feat when it comes to house music.

If you are looking for a pretty groovy place to hang out with some friends, do some dancing to enjoyable house music while imbibing on expensive drinks, this is the place to go. It’s moody, atmospheric, and certainly has a sexy appeal. I would recommend making a reservation for one of their tables, though. Without it, you’ll get kicked off the couches when someone else arrives who does have a reservation. Oh, and there is this one cool element to Mister H’s entertainment options – when you buy a particular bottle package deal, the server will graciously light a sparkler and stick it into your bottle for you, drawing the attention of everyone in the club to you and your impressed gaggle of ladies. It was actually fun to watch and lit up the joint with some bright and fiery excitement.

I am sorry to say that Plastic Plates, RIA, Power Slug and any other artist that may have been present did not receive any special attention or credit for their music or mixes. Had I been someone off the street with no prior knowledge of these groups then I would not have known there was anything out of the ordinary happening that night. However, if you want a good playlist of house music that will liven up your house-warming party to match a sexy, dark, ambient club, then Plastic Plates are your guys. They added to the atmosphere very well and provided a blend of music that fed the beating electricity within those present.


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