DEEJAY_ Scotty Rox

Hi readers, hello high readers and hey music readers!!! Today I am writing about a DeeJay that wants to infect as many people he can with his music-tech. I was introduced to him by my hilarious friend Joel Khoury Oliver, who I adore, we both live life free of judging and love dancing, we know no one is perfect and sometimes people "music-down" and point a finger at someone that didn't beat against them, you give me a beat, I am gonna do more then point a finger, I am gonna take all ten fingers and write you up for disorderly conduct... I was eating a FALAFA with some hummus and Joel was like "prince you gotta come out with me and meet Scotty Rox"!! I was like, but I feel like I wanna go home and lay on my throne.. He insisted!! I was a little bipolar about it, so I gave in and flirted all the way to Barracuda. We walked in and to the right, to the right in a dark corner was Scotty Rox, I put out my hand and readers what a gentleman he bowed down and kissed my clean hand. Then said I know you, Yes Scotty I know you too and you are still a hottie...

Scotty Rox

Ladies Gentlemen and high school students please put on your glasses, contacts and read about Scotty Rox!!!
Scotty Rox is NYC Disc Jockey!! He spins at various location in the city. Mon @ Bartini w/ SHEQUIDA, Wed @ Barracuda for Dallas DuBois Show, Thurs ROX @ Bartini
Fri rotate G Lounge/Elmo/Gumbo party, Saturdays @ Barracuda and new SUNDAYS-OL SKOOL PARTY-Inc Lounge.
Lets take a brief IN-TER-MISSION, click and enjoy the music snack ; )
Hope you all enjoyed the music : ) : ) : )

Drag Queen Dallas DuBois and Scotty Rox

Back to Scotty spinning tracks. I stood by him and watched his fingers do his music magic. Joel danced like a ballerina. I looked at Scotty, he looked back and gave a warm smile with his pretty eyes. I thought wow!!! Scotty is a very talented spinner. He looks out to the crowd, checks out the vibe and thinks out of music passion what next track to play to keep them dancing. After a few hours the music stopped and in came a queen that looked like life has been a drag, guess that's why they call them Drag Queens, but she has a great sens of humor, she talked about her three different personalities and finally, she found the one that works best for her. Now she shines as she performs and DEEJAY Scotty Rox glows in his dark corner. I enjoyed the music, show and most all the people around.. I wish you all the best in the world of music...
Readers get up and dance!!

Scotty have fun!!!

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