Cirque du Soleil Paramour Review - Brings Pure Originality to Broadway

Broadway shows are made to inspire, entertain, delight and excite audiences.  Cirque du Soleil Paramour does this and much, much more.


The Lyric Theater is the perfect venue for an event such as Paramour.  It is gorgeous in it's design and the ambience and atmosphere fit pefectly with the spectatular display and talent that has always been Cirque. And just in case you are looking at the Playbill, it's at least three times the size of a 'normal' one and is a real collectors item.


In Paramour, there is a slight change of the regular Cirque acrobatics show.  There is a story about love, music and the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Love is found, love is lost, and the music just delights.  It really doesn't matter what the story is because you are so involved with everything happening on stage.

The costumes are beyond gorgeous and the scenery is spectacular.  The intricate and elaborate backdrops are so complex, it's hard to believe.  One right after another, there were scenery, furniture and costume changes that was impossible for the naked eye to see.  I was sitting in the 7th row, and I gasped at amazement.


Now, the Cirque performers.  I am already passed, 'how do they do that" to 'they had to be born this way.'  The Atherton twins, Kevin and Andrew were definitely born to do this.  Perfect bodies and costumes, identically alike, these two flying acrobats whirled their way over the audience with only one hand in a rope that I kept praying was solid and unbreakable.  It's difficult to explain their act, but, it received the loudest and longest audience applause I  had ever heard.  And, it was well-deserved. 


See-saws were taking acrobats to new heights that soared above the top of the stage curtain, from invisible to landing perfectly on the stage after doing, yes, FOUR backflips.


During intermission, a little four year old girl was holding on to her dad while she was trying to do backflips.  She wasn't shy about  showing off her talents.  I asked her if she wants to grow up to be an acrobat and she said, 'of course, I wanna do what THEY do'!  If this show can inspire a four year old, you can be sure it will inspire her grandmother, as well.


Go see Paramour and have the most entertaining time.  It's a real treat for the entire family.  Or, as the little four year old said as we sat down, 'I wish my little brother was here.'  I asked her how old he was and she said, 'he was still in mommy's belly.'  Only in New York!

Cirque du Soleil Theatrical (Scott Zeiger, President and Managing Director) is pleased to present the new production of Cirque du Soleil - PARAMOUR, the organization’s first show created specifically for Broadway.

Cirque du Soleil has dazzled audiences the world over, and now it's on Broadway with its boldest, most heart-soaring spectacle ever. PARAMOUR, a Cirque du Soleil musical, is a landmark production for Cirque du Soleil, blending the best of Broadway with Cirque du Soleil’s signature style, to provide a new experience for both traditional Broadway musical theatre goers and Cirque du Soleil’s fans. The show has many of the elements beloved on Broadway: a timeless love story, live musicians, and professional actors in lead roles; but with the Cirque du Soleil aesthetic integrated throughout the show: visionary production design on a grand scale, world class entertainment, and acrobatic feats that defy the imagination.

PARAMOUR spins the thrilling tale of a beautiful young actress forced to choose between love and art in the glamorous world of Golden Age Hollywood. Featuring eye-popping acrobatics and sumptuous music and dance, PARAMOUR is a groundbreaking new event that transports you to a sublime world of emotion and awe as it walks the exhilarating tightrope of the heart. PARAMOUR features Jeremy Kushnier as A.J., the director; Ruby Lewis as Indigo, the starlet; and Ryan Vona as Joey, the composer.

The cast includes a company of Broadway actors, dancers, and renowned aerialists, acrobats, and circus arts performers covering the disciplines of aerial strap artists, Chinese pole, contortion, juggling, Russian beam, teeterboard, tumbling, trampoline, trapeze, and many others. The cast of 38 on stage also includes Bret Shuford, Sarah Meahl, Kat Cunning, Tom Ammirati, Andrew Atherton, Kevin Atherton, Lee Brearley, Yanelis Brooks, Samuel William Charlton, Martin Charrat, Nate Cooper, Myriam Deraiche, Kyle Driggs, Jeremias Faganel, Amber Brooke
Fulljames, Steven Trumon Gray, Tomasz Jadach, Rafal Kaszubowski, Reed Kelly, Denis Kibenko, Joe McAdam, Raven McRae, Amber J. Merrick, Sheridan Mouawad, Amber Pickens, Justin Prescott, Fletcher Blair Sanchez, Matthieu Sennacherib, Blakely Slaybaugh, Sam Softich, Amiel Soicher, Amber van Wijk, Bruce Weber, Tomasz Wilkosz, Zhengqi Xia (Da Qi). The cast and creative team are from 13 different countries (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Belarus,
Canada, China, Cuba, France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States) spanning five continents.

Under the artistic guidance of Jean-François Bouchard (creative guide and creative director), PARAMOUR is directed by French stage director and choreographer Philippe Decouflé. Along with Decouflé, the creative team includes West Hyler (associate creative director and scene director),Shana Carroll (associate creative director and acrobatic designer & choreographer), Pascale Henrot (associate creative director), Bob & Bill (composers), Andreas Carlsson (lyricist and co-composer), Jean Rabasse (set designer), Philippe Guillotel (costume designer), Daphné Mauger (choreographer), Patrice Besombes (lighting designer), Olivier Simola & Christophe Waksmann (projection designers), John Shivers (sound designer), Boris Verkhovsky (acrobatic performance designer), Pierre Masse (rigging and acrobatic equipment designer), Nathalie Gagné (makeup designer), Anne‐Séguin Poirier (props designer), Josh Marquette (hair design), Cirque du Soleil (casting – Montreal), Telsey + Co (casting – New York), Seth Stachowski (music director and band leader) and Jayna Neagle (executive producer).

For more information on PARAMOUR

As previously announced, Cirque du Soleil Theatrical’s upcoming revival of The Wiz will arrive on
Broadway for the 2016-2017 season.

For more information, visit Cirquedusoleil website



• MONDAY, MAY 23 – SUNDAY, MAY 29: Monday and Tuesday at 7:30PM; Wednesday at
6PM (opening night); Friday and Saturday at 8 PM; and Sunday at 7 PM. Matinee on Sunday
at 2 PM.
• MONDAY, MAY 30 – SUNDAY, JUNE 5: Monday through Thursday at 7:30 PM, Friday and
Saturday at 8 PM. Matinees on Wednesday at 2:30 PM and Saturday at 3 PM.
• MONDAY, JUNE 6 – SUNDAY, JUNE 12: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 7:30 PM;
Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. Matinees on Saturday at 3 PM and Sunday at 2 PM. The show is
dark on Tuesday.
• MONDAY, JUNE 13 – SUNDAY, JULY 3: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30 PM;
Friday and Saturday at 8 PM; Sunday at 7 PM. Matinees on Saturday at 3 PM and Sunday at 2
PM. The show is dark on Wednesday.
Thursday at 7:30 PM, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM, Sunday at 7 PM. Matinees on Wednesday
and Sunday at 2 PM; Saturday at 3 PM. The show is dark on the Monday, July 4 holiday.
• STARTING, MONDAY, JULY 11: Monday and Thursday at 7:30 PM; Friday and Saturday at 8
PM. Matinees on Wednesday and Sunday at 2 PM, Saturday at 3 PM. The show is dark on

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