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Stagestruck March 28, 2007

By Paula Jessop

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Stagestruck 3 28 07

Hey You,

I went on my first New York audition a few weeks ago. It was for an original play with Mae West as a character in it. 

Mae West isn't she divine?

It was so much fun doing research for it. I got a DVD compilation of several of her movies and studied her thoroughly. What a fabulous woman! Did you know that she not only starred in but wrote most of her movies?  I also love the way she used her body, flirted and threw innuendo around. She was so deliciously naughty without being in the least bit vulgar. It's revolutionary and refreshing even today. I teased you a little last time with what Mae and I had in common besides our generous curves. I have sat on her toilet. What? Oh yes, I have!  My toosh and hers have shared the same throne. I have an X who bought her Pink toilet and bathtub at an estate sale. He put it in a rental unit bathroom redo. Oo la, la. lucky toilet.

Back to my audition story. So I prepared a hilarious monologue (which works so perfectly done as Mae West). I went to the audition and they told me the play had been canceled. Ugh.

Makeup please

In the mean time my afore mentioned X managed to get me to the right people and I got a part in a movie in L.A. The role was for a bartender. I've never tended bar before so I decided this required a little bar hopping research. I went to a bar on the street where I am staying and the bar manager Kurt who was so sweet, took me under his wing and taught me how to shake a great martini and pour the perfect shot. Kurt and some friends of his just took over this bar on the lower east side called Crudo. It is really a great place and a must go to, for you drinkers out there.

After being trained (hee, hee, hee) in the fine art of drink slinging, I got myself on a plane and flew out to L.A. The production company had a P.A. pick me up and take me to a rental car. I felt like such a princess movie star. I spent Saturday visiting with a friend and talking to the wardrobe department. Then on Sunday I went to the set to become a star. The movie is called The Last Word and it stars Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley, and Ray Romano. I, as you know play the bartender.  I had a great day on the set, the cast and crew were really nice it was loads of fun. So look for it in the theatres.

Bartending in the movies

The day after filming, I had a little family reunion and was able to see my mom, brothers and nephews.  I spent some time with another friend and then flew back to New York.

I had a few bugaboos come up while I was on set so I scheduled an appointment with my acting coach to work them out. Her name is Grace Kiley ([email protected]) and I will introduce you to her next time as well as let you know how we worked out my little bugaboos.

Deliciously yours,

Published on Dec 31, 1969

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