NYC-Hottest Deejays TY ADAMS & G-Stone tha Gentleman

The summer weather sucks but the music is always on the flux!!!   I rocked out on the dance floor over at GREEN HOUSE    NYC hottest dance club. The dynamic due Deejays TY ADAMS & G-Stone tha Gentleman tag teamed the turn tables killing it with the HE IS PHONY SHE IS FAKE THOSE ARE THE TYPE OF PEOPLE I haTe remix.


To all my readers one nation under a groove just for the FUNK of it… here is what the Deejays got to spin



What inspired you to become a DJ?
DJ TY ADAMS: I was inspired by the 1992 film “JUICE”, which featured Omar Epps as a battle DJ.

G-Stone tha Gentleman: My older brother inspired me to dj. I looked up to him as a kid and when he got into music with his friends from high school, I was mesmerized by their every move. I wanted to be like them.

G-Stone tha Gentleman

Becoming a DJ one must have an extensive knowledge of music, as well as be able to lead a crowd. Charisma is also a must, as is the ability to listen well. Do you feel you exude these qualities?
G-Stone tha Gentleman: Well as you can see by my name alone, djing becomes a persona that you have to take on and then project onto your audience. You must possess the confidence in yourself and your abilities to lead the people you’re performing for to have a good time. I certainly feel I exude those qualities when I become G-Stone tha Gentleman. It is swagger and arrogance mixed with humility and patience which draws people close to me through the music I play.

Hey Mr. DJ “can you play my song” you must get that a lot?
DJ TY ADAMS: I get that constantly, but I welcome it as well. It gives me the chance to interact with people and network while I’m taking their “requests”.


I’m guilty of frequenting clubs and piling my requests to the DJ, does that bothersome or make your job easier?
DJ TY ADAMS: I don’t see it as bothersome, because I don’t necessarily have to play that record, but it does give me a sense of what people want to hear in the crowd and sometimes gives me ideas for other records to play. So please keep the requests coming!

A lot of people fail to realize being a DJ is not about playing a record but it’s scratching, mixing and matching beats with turntables. It is a craft just like anything else. How do you feel the crowd and make a decision on what to play next?
G-Stone tha Gentleman: It’s funny how it becomes second nature to you and you just do it without a conscious thought.

In a technical sense, you play records early on in an event to feel out a crowd and warm them up. Once you feel you have a good sense for the people in the room, you masterfully tickle their ears with the joints you feel speak to them most. Then you mix it up with a few they haven’t heard in awhile that takes them back to a moment in time where it was ok to just have fun. And finally you strongly close out whilst leaving them wanting more and not ready to go home just yet.

How is it to be behind the booth and you have all this great music to play but there was a big snow storm and everybody stayed home and you are left with an empty dance floor?
DJ TY ADAMS: It’s really one of the worst feelings ever. It’s similar to a blind musician who cannot see the power of their music moving people as they play it. You end up feeling as empty as your dance floor.

How has music made an impact in your life?
DJ TY ADAMS: Music has impacted my life greatly by giving me a chance to turn one of my passions in life into an actual career and loving every minute of it.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
DJ TY ADAMS: The most rewarding part of my job is feeling the enjoyment that stems from helping people have a good time dancing and getting lost in the music.

Do ever want to jump out of the booth in the middle of your favorite song and dance with the crowd?
G-STONE tha Gentleman: Ah NO. (lol)

What are the pressures you go through as a DJ?
DJ TY ADAMS: Pressure mounts from trying to predict what you think the crowd wants to hear and when they want to hear it.   Feeling out the crowd and figuring out what is going to motivate them to get on the dance floor and remain there is always a tough task at the beginning of the night. Simultaneously, a DJ must always appear to sound fresh and cutting edge, this avoids being predictable and being stale.

Do you play music when you want to romance that special person?
G-STONE tha Gentleman: Music speaks to the soul, so when you really want to make an impression on a special someone there is no better way than to get a playlist together and drop it on a cd, ipod or whatever you need to. As “tha Gentleman” I specialize in creating moods and the rest is simple after that.

In which way does music move you?
G-STONE tha Gentleman: Music has brought me joy when all I was feeling was pain, it has given me inspiration during my darkest moments and has given me life when I thought all hope was gone.

How old where you when you realized music was an outlet for you to express yourself?
DJ TY ADAMS: I was about 7 or 8 and I began to listen to the words in songs and how they blended with the music to create a feeling. I realized that each song I listened to matched the mood or mind state I was in at the time.
G-STONE   tha Gentleman: I was about 6 when I noticed my mom cleaning up the house on Saturday mornings and she would always have music playing. I always enjoyed those times because she seemed so happy back then.

Do you have a favorite genre of music?
DJ TY ADAMS: Although I grew up on Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul music becoming a dj has exposed me to a wider range of music. Not necessarily one genre sticks out in my head, I appreciate all genres in there own capacity to move people.
G-STONE tha Gentleman: I am a R&B kind of guy, just the vocals of an artist over the instruments of a band pouring out their soul speaks to me in volumes.

Do you have a favorite artist?
DJ TY ADAMS: M.J. (Michael Jackson) and Bob Marley.
G-Stone tha Gentleman: Chrisette Michelle and Barry White.  

What would life be for you without music?
DJ TY ADAMS: Life would be very boring and I would have to figure out what else to do with my life.   Music is truly the soundtrack of life because there is always a song that coincides with your mood and thoughts.

G-Stone tha Gentleman: It wouldn’t be LIFE AT ALL!

Being a DJ means your out in the night life where some people go to escape there problems, some to have fun whilst others use drugs some alcohol. Have you indulged?
DJ TY ADAMS: No I have not indulged in any of the above mentioned.
G-Stone tha Gentleman: When a person offers you a drink, what are you going to say? No? Not me but as far as the other drugs I have not been offered, nor have I partaken.

Have you ever had a confrontation right before you were suppose go into the booth and couldn’t get your mind straight to work your craft?
G-Stone tha Gentleman: All the damn time, but that’s the wonderful thing about the booth. Once you step in, you can leave all your troubles behind you and escape for a few hours. Sure, they will be there when you’re finished, so why not enjoy the short “Stay of Execution”?

How do you handle negative feedback from a crowd?
DJ TY ADAMS: Keep your composure for as long as you can until you find the right song or build up the right energy to regain that positive groove you want to be in.

What’s your goal as a DJ?
DJ TY ADAMS: My goal is to expand my fan base globally and become a household name.
G-Stone tha Gentleman: I want to travel the world and see if I can move people on the other side of the globe.


Do you have any other aspirations in the music world?
DJ TY ADAMS: In the future I would like to expand to music production, artist development and management of other DJs.
There aren't many schools that will teach someone how to become a DJ. The art of being a DJ is more of an underground movement. What advice can you give to our readers on becoming a DJ?
DJ TY ADAMS: Follow your passion for music and don’t let anything get in the way of that. If you already have a favorite dj, try to research them and find out what steps they have taken to get to where they are now.
G-Stone tha Gentleman: Most djs are cool and approachable people. Next time you’re at and event or party and you see a dj, walk up and introduce yourself, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



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