Marysia Dobranska Reeves in the Showroom at the Salon Allure

Photo Courtesy of Salon Allure / Gerardo Samoza / Collective Edit

     On a crispy day after serious thunderstorms during Swim Week  in South Beach Miami we caught up with Marysia Dobranska Reeves, Designer of Marysia Swim, at the W Hotel where the Salon Allure show was being held along glamourous Collins Avenue up in her showroom.

     Unfortunately due to unexpected Video Malfunctions.. We taped the entire interview with my phone continually stopping Marysia a few times between questions and recordings off my recorder.
Thank you Marysia for being such a great hostess and giving us such a great interview. Here is how the interview went:

Hi I'm Isabel with Bikini Shell and we are here at the Salon Allure Media Lounge in South Beach Miami for Fashion Week and today with "Meet the Designer" is Marysia from Marysia Swim.

BS: How's it going Marysia? How are you today?

MDR: I'm fine thank you , how are you?

BS: Very Good; I'm really glad to hear that.
BS: It comes to my attention and I believe that I read it some where in one of the Celebrity Magazines that Perrey Reeves from Entourage mainly known in her role as Ari's wife in the very popular pay for Television series is your husbands, Nathanial Reeves's, sister
BS: Is that true?

MDR: Yes - that's right

BS: Oh Cool.....That's really exciting! Because I love that show and obviously so does everybody else in this country.

MDR: Yes, They are having a premier in New York City right now of the last season and we're missing it.

BS: Aww that's too bad.. Well I'm sure you'll hear all about it and see photos as I'm sure they will also see your photos.
BS: Well In your opinion; do you believe that the popularity of your sister -n -law's role has affected the sales of your Swimwear Line or increased
its popularity with the Media and mainstream Hollywood?

MDR: I'm not sure exactly, it's kinda hard to measure that. But Perry has always been a big supporter... and she's always wearing my bikinis; so people who admire her; might also admire by chance my swimsuits.

BS: Well your sales are right on top of the line I noticed since you are here at Salon Allure and was just wondering, since everybody wants Celebrity endorsements..and I was thinking 'WOW, Marysia has got a quick stop with Perry Reeves'

MDR: Ya i have never been caught photographed with my sister so I've never been really public.

BS: ... And I know she is seen sometimes at your Front Row

MDR: Yes for the last few years she has been seen.

BS: Yes, so you do have a Celebrity to bring out of the closet and vice verse she has someone as yourself to put to her escape...that's great news!

BS: Marysia, I have seen your collection in the past and we at Bikini Shell have even blogged about it. Truly your collection always reminds me of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. I also noticed that your designs have specific names of destinations.... such as the ACAPULCO, IBIZA, SARDINIA, AND ST. TROPEZ.....
Can you tell us why you chose these names and if you personally have a favorite one; Bikini Shell would love to know which one it is.

MDR: I was inspired this year by a Slim Aarons book called "Poolside" and all the names are locations for where he shot the photographs in the book i named them after that. And my FAVORITE is the "Marbella" which is the string bikini with the little loop in white and black..

BS: That is really exciting and I hope I see a bunch of those on the beach this week
because that is a great reason.  

Marysia Dobranska Reeves with Model featuring 2012 Marysia Swim Collection

 Photo Courtesy of Salon Allure / Gerardo Samoza / Collective Edit

BS: Marysia, it is great to see you again. You look fantastic and amazing and we are really excited that you have taken the time to answer a few questions about your 2012 Marysia Swimwear Collection showing here in South Beach Miami for Swim Week. We loved your collections previously at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and this year at Salon Allure you are previewing as well. Are there any other locations your line showed during Swim Week that we missed so that we can look them up?

MDR: Well Ed[Kavishe], from Fashion Wire Press; actually we're doing a little presentation at the apartment .... you can get the images from him.. so there is a little fashion week "extra".

BS: That is fabulous because I actually know Ed[Kavishe] myself and I know Ed is one of the most amazing photographers in Fashion Week..So I'm really looking forward to seeing those images... And thank you so much.

from left to right; Model wearing Marysia Swim Collection, Ed Kavishe (Fashion Wire Press), Marysia Dobranska Reeves

Photo Courtesy of Salon Allure / Gerardo Samoza / Collective Edit

BS: There you go. Here live at the Salon Allure Media lounge for "Meet the Designer" with Marysia Swim for Fashion Week Swim collection 2012.
BS: Bringing it to you from Bikini Shell I'm Isabel. Have a great day. Thank you Marysia.

MDR: Thank you :)

All Photos: Courtesy of Salon Allure Photo Credit Gerardo Samoza/ Collective Edit 


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