Whiskey Tango Review - Hollywood's Secret Treasure

So Boys and girls, the TAYLOR-ED look on Whiskey Tango is this is definitely a great bar to go to, day or night. You can go during the day with your family, kids, whatever and then go back to party the night away. They have mulitple events through out the week besides their Ladies Night. This place is really one of the best kept secrets of Hollywood and I recommend EVERYBODY to go.


Part of the inside bar

Monday for lunch my boyfriend and I took a trip to Hollywood (which is about 10 minutes north of Miami in Broward County for my non-Florida readers) and ended up at a sports bar called ‘Whiskey Tango’. They’ve been ope n for almost 2 years and was voted best bar in a local newspaper. Don’t be taken a back by the newspaper menu, it caught me off guard at first too, but trust me they make up for it with their food, drinks & service. I’m a new member of the Bloody Mary drinking crew, and I know that a lot of bartenders DON’T know how to properly make a good one. I was pleasently surprised however that this bartender made a great Bloody Mary. I was invited by the bar manager to come to the ladies night the next night…No cover and free drinks from 9pm to 12am is a guarantee Taylor Jacqueline appearance. 

Ladies Night at Whiskey Tango is evidently the place to be Tuesday Nights in Hollywood, Fl because it was LIVE. This place also has an outside dining area, but it was hot and humid so we decided to get a table inside. It took a little while for the waitress to come to us but we finally got ones attention and proceeded to order our free drinks. Bianca and I had Blood Mary’s as our first round. I had my hopes a little to high for these free drinks because they came in baby cups and the Bloody Mary’s were terrible. No effort put into it, just vodka & Bloody Mary mix. It was really my fault because I should know better than to get a free Bloody Mary and expect it to be good. My next drink was a mojito (which wasn’t free and technically wasn’t made right) and it was DELICIOUS. Bianca got a vodka cran and had no compliants. My mojito was so good I ordered a second one. Oh forgot to mention, the free drinks are only drinks with well liquors, which is basically the cheap liquor. So don’t come here thinking you’re going to get Grey Goose cosmos for free. 

What I didn’t know about Whiskey Tango is that they have the karaoke machine set up every night. Oh My Goodness. I have a video just to show everybody what we witnessed. It’s blurry, but I’m not a director and I just wanted everybody to hear this womans singing. Our waitress even snuck away to sing a song.  


The Ladies Night cups

The food here is also really good. I ordered the Irish Nachos, which are potato skins but instead of the half of the potato, the potatoes are sliced up like chips and the cheese and bacon are on top. Yummmmmm.


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