I Do, I Do Review - Tender and Funny Ode to Marriage



Diane and Jim Tyminski as Agnes and Michael in I Do, I Do.Courtesy Delray Beach Playhouse.



I Do, I Do is a nostalgic, tender and funny musical salute to marriage. The book and lyrics are by Tom Jones and the music by Harvey Schmidt; the celebrated artistic duo that created The Fantasticks.


The intimate show spans fifty years of a marriage that begins just before the turn of the twentieth century and captures both the challenges and poignantly sweet moments that define such a lifetime together. The show opens with the modest and nervous newlyweds, Michael and Agnes Snow, on their wedding night. It then follows the couple  through pregnancy, parenting, career achievements, a mid-life crisis,  disagreements about finances and ultimately the empty –nest syndrome that occurs after their children get married. If this sounds somber, it is absolutely not—each challenge is overcome with the couple’s mutual love as they forge an unbreakable bond over half a century. No wonder audience members could often be heard sighing and laughing in recognition of the show’s themes. Does the show provide deep and trailblazing insights into marriage and relationships? No, but that is not its intention. Instead it provides a charming look at the ups and downs of a long marriage and stands as an ode to all that such a relationship requires.


Diane and Jim Tyminski celebrate pending parenthood in I Do, I DO. Courtesy Delray Beach Playhouse.

Diane and Jim Tyminski as Agnes and Michael celebrate their marriage in I Do, I Do. Courtesy Delray Beach Playhouse.


It’s a special treat that this production stars the real-life couple, Diane and Jim Tymonski, and their unique chemistry completely informs their performances. This is critical in a show that has them in every scene and their joy in working and harmonizing together is palpable throughout the theatre.


The songs range from conversational to the anthem-like, “Flaming Agnes,” with the lovely, “I Love My Wife,” and the very funny, “Nobody’s Perfect” providing insights into Michael and Agnes’ relationship. The most famous song from I Do, I Do is, “My Cup Runneth Over,” which became a hit for Ed Ames in 1967.


Jim Tyminski as Michael in I Do, I Do. Courtesy Delray Beach Playhouse.

This two person show has a simple, old fashioned set, dominated by a four-poster bed. The simplicity underscores the intimacy with which we come to share the journey of the Snow’s marriage.  A special highlight comes with the juxtaposition of the opening scene in which the newlyweds are getting ready at dressing tables on opposite ends of the stage and the later scene in which they again sit at those dressing tables and apply their aging makeup and wigs.

Sign points the way to the lovely Delray Beach Playhouse on Lake Ida. Courtesy H.Sorcic.

Don’t miss this charming musical tribute to marriage and the special meaning of a long term shared life. The Delray Beach Playhouse, celebrating seventy years of community theatre, is the perfect venue for this timeless show. While you’re there, make sure to check out all the wonderful programs this theatre offers. In addition to Broadway plays, there is a Musical Memories series, a young actors workshop and many wonderful classes, lectures and events.


I Do, I Do runs at the Delray Beach Playhouse through April 9, 2017. Tickets are $30 ($15 for students 18 and younger) and can be purchased by calling 561 271-1281 Ext.4. The Playhouse is located at: 950 NW 9th Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33444.



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