Bobby Slayton – Everyone is Fair Game See him at South Point January 30 & 31


I've been a fan of Bobby Slayton since the first time I saw him. If you have seen his act, then you know why they call him “The Pitbull of Comedy.” He'll be bringing his take no prisoners brand of comedy to the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa on January 30 and 31st so I touched base with him with a few quick questions. The problem is, his answers are quicker and Bobby talks a mile a minute. My brain doesn't work that fast.
First off, understand I am a huge fan of Bobby's brand of humor. Second, if you are in the room, you are fair game for him. He will find you and - just go see his show and find out for yourself. No filters in this act.
They say write what you know about and I think the same thing goes in comedy to some extent. The last time I saw Slayton perform he talked about the lack of BJs in his life. He picked on audience members. Bobby is one of those equal opportunity offenders. He might single you out and pick on you if you are a blond, or a female, or a guy who might be considered gay, or black, or asian, or …... Okay, bottom line is if you don't want to be the brunt of one of Bobby's routines, don't sit in the front.... or the middle.... or the back if he can see you there.
In fact, I asked Bobby, “If a blond, a black guy, and an Asian are at the same table, who do you pick on first?” The thing is, on any given night, I am confident that Bobby will find something to make you both gasp and laugh at what he says about each of them. He didn't really answer that question specifically, but assured me he would get around to all of them. No doubt in my mind - he will.
So who is this hyper slight of build guy who talks a mile a minute, can't stand still, and manages to tick off a few people at every show but also has them laughing uproariously? And how do I get the real Bobby Slayton to talk to me?
His persona is a grump who is just not happy with much around him. I asked what makes him happy. “Sitting around the house watching movies, sipping wine, or cooking. That's good. I'm not sure anything makes me happy. “ Oh, he loves his dog Gizmo. “I am happiest in my bed with my dog watching TV or sitting by the pool.”
One minute I get the real Bobby Slayton, the next moment he's doing schtick telling me that what would make him happy is his wife of 27 years moving out. I wondered if he talked at home like he talks on stage. “I don't like talking about anything.” He hates small talk. “I don't agree with anyone about anything.”
I'm just not sure whether I am talking to the on or off stage persona, or are they one in the same? It isn't surprising that he doesn't like talking. After all, that's what he does to earn a living.
How about movies Bobby? “I don't go out to f'ing movies anymore. I watch them on Netflix.” What about doing movies I asked. He told me that there aren't a lot of parts out there for him. “ The business has changed. There are all these Hangover movies. “They are dumbed down,” he shot back. And he doesn't get the chance to even audition because he is usually out of town working around the country.
Bobby has often been called “a true comic's comic.” Who are his favorite comics” The answers came out faster than my typing or my brain could keep up. I know he likes Jay Leno who he said, “ liked to give me advice and he was usually right.” The late David Brenner was another favorite along with Bill Burr, Nick DePaolo and Louis C K. He also mentioned Michael Keaton and said he was glad to see him make the transition to movies.
I ventured forward tentatively asking about pet peeves. “People up front texting during the show. I want to take the phone and shove..........”
I figured the subject of his daughter might get a positive response. Does she make him happy? “Having her move out makes me happy. I'm happy for her career. It is a struggle for them.” His daughter Natasha is a member of G.R.L. “They just released a new piece. The record company invested a lot in them.” Do I detect some pride in that gravelly voice?
What's the secret of his 27 year marriage? “It's no secret. I travel all the time. I talk about that in my act. Basically, I am gone a lot. I'm home maybe two to three days a week.”
Okay Bobby, what do you do at home? “I calm down. I like to cook. Watch Netflix. I cook, we eat, I watch.” I knew my readers would want to know what Bobby Slayton cooks. “Grilled fish, good pizza in our pizza oven, great pie. I stick to basics like great salads.”
I ventured tentatively forward. “So then you and your wife have a romantic dinner?” Does his response surprise anyone? “I crack open a bottle of wine, put on some R & B, blast it so I can't hear my wife. Have another bottle with dinner. Tell her I love her, say good night.”
His wife is often the subject of his routines. When I asked Bobby if anythings is off limits, the stock response is, “my wife's vagina.” Seriously, I asked again whether anything is off limits. “Nothing,” he said, “You can make fun of anything if it is funny.” And Bobby Slayton is very very funny. And he knows just how to make you laugh.
“If I can get them laughing and piss them off then I know I've done my job.” That's Bobby Slayton. See him do his job and make you laugh at South Point Hotel & Spa. on Friday January 30 or Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. For more information, call SouthPoint at 1 866-796-7111 or check out South Point Tickets.

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