Tournament of Kings at Excalibur

In the era of castles and gallant knights, kings would gather the nobility for fanciful feasts and tournaments of valor in celebration of important events. Those days still exist inside Excalibur during its "Tournament of Kings" dinner show.

With authentic costumes, state of the art sound and lighting, jousting knights, invading armies, fire wielding wizards and a three course meal served medieval style, "Tournament of Kings" dinner show offers something exciting for guests of any age. This $1 Million, original musical production - adapted from the legend of King Arthur - is produced by Royal Productions of Las Vegas and is directed by Phil Shelbourne. The action in the 900 seat theater-in-the-round arena is a fist-pounding romp into medieval revelry. Adding to the allure of the show, each guest is served a three course meal fit for a king. Cornish game hen, fresh, steamed broccoli, and seasoned potato wedges is the impressive main course and is served medieval style - without utensils.

Tournament of Kings

As the story unfolds, the joyous Arthur gathers the rulers of Europe for a fantastic banquet and competition. Each section of the arena is given a king to be the subjects of and to root for, and the audience is encouraged to hoot, holler, and pound on the tables, which kids love.  The kings challenge their knightly skills while riding their faithful steeds.  Once we get to the contests and battles, things pick up fairly nicely.  The combatants seem to go at each other with reckless abandon. The fights can be quite exciting. The jousting is the best--watching these men on horses running at a gallop toward each other with lances. It takes a lot of skill and ability, and I applaud them for their prowess.  King Arthur's hospitality is met with hostility when the evil fire wizard, Mordred, invades the festivities. The kings of Europe must unite if the fire wizard is to be defeated.

Drinking and Song

The production show has a sizable cast of 44 actors, musicians, 38 horses and an audience of 900. "Audience participation is an integral part of the show," says director Phil Shelburne. "They will be singing, cheering, and up on their feet for this show."

The late Peter Jackson created the original concept of the show, which is now produced by his son, Patrick, of Royal Productions, Inc. Emmy-nominated French designer Michel Fresnay created the stunning, authentic costumes that harkens back to the days of Camelot.

The original score, composed by Scot Rammer and arranged by Joseph Blaum, pull the audience further into the show. Stunning visual effects, such as the pyrotechnics of the fire wizard, heighten the audience's experience.

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