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Mystere: By Cirque Du Soleil Only at Treasure Island in Las Vegas

By Anthony Heidenreich

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Cirque du Soleil presents Mystere, a vibrant kaleidoscope of powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery directed by Franco Dragone.

Mystere's vivid sets are punctuated by colorful costumes and signature Cirque du Soleil acts such as the Taiko (Japanese drums), Chinese Poles, Hand to Hand balancing, Aerial High Bar, Bungee and Korean Plank acts. Mingling in the mystique is a cast of 75 artists from around the world, whose spectrum of characters include a mischievous Clown, an electrifying Red Bird and one jumbo-sized Baby.

Aerial Cube

The adventure begins with The Big Bang symbolizing primitive man embarking on a never-ending journey. The opening also juxtaposes the characters and contexts in a way that creates the universal life cycles of MystereĀ®: the primitives on the drums, the renaissance Archangels and the technical scenography coexist seamlessly. The Taiko's reappearance in the conclusion is a reminder that the future is built on the memory of the past.


Soaring with drama and deep concentration, Paul Bowler conquers the universe through the Aerial Cube. He effortlessly turns and spins the cube while nonchalantly performing an exhilarating ballet of jaw-dropping aerial maneuvers. Fascinated observers hold their breath wondering who is in control. The cube or the artist? The mystery continues.

Squirming up and down the the Chinese Poles, like sprouting vines, they are a symbol of organic life, which feeds on itself and grows. Although this art form originated in China, Cirque du Soleil has put its own touch of artistry to the performance. Using both men and women (itself unusual, as women do not perform on the Chinese Poles in China), this colorful act features two principal performers from China who are life-long students of the discipline. They, along with twenty members of the colorful house troupe, slither and spring from pole to pole using only arm and leg power. Great upper body control and balance are essential for the Chinese Pole artists. Their inspiring agility is accented by unique double-faced masks, which create a vivid visual effect for the audience.

Hand Balancing

Hand to Hand signifies the interdependence of the first humans who build on their solidarity until a whole tribe emerges. Two mighty physiques connect in gentle, fluid movements, exuding a strength that mystifies the audience.

This particular act in Mystere is an incredible exhibition of strength and stamina. The two brothers who perform the increasingly difficult maneuvers demonstrate perfect harmony while fusing power and grace. Developed through many years of intense training, the hand and body balancing act is done on a rotating dome, demanding impeccable precision and alignment as well as strength.

Taiko Drums

Like graceful birds in flight, the Bungee dive fearlessly in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos. As they drop from their trapezes in turn or as a group, stopped only by the elastic around their waists, the bewitched spectators sit spellbound.

The Korean Plank signifies organized human society: productivity, play and brotherhood with the entire team working as a unit. Showcasing the amazing agility of the human body through spectacular sequences of aero-gymnastics and human pyramids.

Trampoline and Fast Track

The huge, winged trampoline of Mystere is unlike any other in the world. The trampoline artists rely on timing, acrobatic ability and phenomenal spatial awareness to accomplish the intricate movements. The Fast Track, based on sports acrobatic training, provides a tool for the acrobats to demonstrate their talent. The low trampoline provides additional speed and spring with a low-impact surface for the performers.

Human dreams taking flight, borne by the hopes of a new millennium. The pendulum movement of the Aerial High Bar flyers emphasize that time continues but never stops passing. The benefits outweigh the risks, for the adventure is the reward.

Deemed the 'flower in the desert' by Guy Laliberte, Founder and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, the exhilarating production has been credited with raising the bar on Las Vegas entertainment since its premiere on December 25, 1993. Mystere has entertained over 7.5 million spectators with more than 5000 performances and continues to be the standard by which Las Vegas productions are measured among worldwide audiences and critics alike.

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Published on Dec 31, 1969

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