Pinup Pointe Art Gallery Event Review - New Las Vegas Pinup Art Gallery celebrates Mina Kahn Pinup Fashion and Titillating Burlesque Performances along with Pinup Art from around the Globe.


So we spent the weekend in Las Vegas, enjoying the 120+ degree temperatures. My wife Sandy and I planned the weekend specifically to cover the Event at the Pinup Pointe Art Gallery. We also got to see the Absinth Show at Caesars Palace, and went out of town (way out of town) to a Diner Sandy found, called the `Road Kill Grill', for some delish' BBQ [planning a future article about Absinth for sure].

Gallery Streetview



The Pinup Pointe Gallery is located at 4 East Charlston Bl, in North Las Vegas. It is an old industrial area that is being converted to an "Arts District". Pinup Pointe was opened March 01 of 2013 by Brent Mizel   because of his love of the Retro and Pinup Look.  It is a small Gallery with an array of artist. Friday Night, June 28, was a special event, entitled the Pinup Rendezvous, including burlesque performers and a fashion show. Fashion show was presented by designer Mina Kahn in support of the Mina Kahn Charity, and themed around Pinup looks of various styles. In addition to the photos here, you can see more at the Greg Autry Art & Photo Facebook Page, as well as the Pinup Pointe Facebook Page. I congratulate all who performed , and all who attended, as the evening was spent at 110 degrees, with little or no AC. Sandy and I had a great time and the fashion show, albeit brief, was a great success. A special thanks to Sandra Autry, for her assistance, and making sure I got all the names of artist and performers, and that they were spelled properly.

Kit Kat Attach Scarf and Corset


I'm always interested in Art and I was happy to find an array of quality art. I make a distinction between commercial art, and fine art. Commercial being defined [by me] as prints, posters, reproductions (including limited editions), and generally priced to sell to a market less engaged in "art", and more interested in a `picture' that `goes with the furniture'.  Fine Art, I generally consider, one-of-a-kind originals. The discussion about what is fine art we'll not debate herein. With that said, I found a representative sample of both genres. Albeit, on the lower end of the price spectrum in reference to Original Fine Art pieces. This is a wonderful gallery for those just starting to build a collection and who want Pinup and related themes. The current show is ongoing with changes made as pieces sell.


One of both Sandy and my favorites is a series titled "Sinister Shadows - The Dastardly Dames of the 1940's ". These were a series of limited edition, black & white photo prints. Each portraying a new and evil way in which the "Dame" has murdered a man who `done-her wrong' ! This great series was done my Michael Malak,  a photographer from Newport Beach, California, USA.


Other pieces of note were a mixed-media painting titled "Sheba" by Heather Hermann, who was also one of the Burlesque performers during the evening. As Heather's dance moves are free and fluid her art also demonstrates a fluidity rendered with the hand of a true draughtsman who sees beauty and knows how to translate it to paper. 

Heather Hermann w painting


Of particular note, I found originals by two of my favorite artists. I found a portrait of Rhonda Ridley, a pencil sketch by Olivia de Berardinis, from Malibu, CA, USA. Olivia is a Master Artist who started in New York doing serious Erotica. She's become "famous" now for her Pinup work, and has been immortalized by appearing in Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine. I was fortunate to have met Olivia in New York in the early years, and do myself own one of her most erotic original paintings, aptly titled "Ben Wa Balls".  Another delightful find was that of  `The Burlesque Dancer' by Fatima Tomaeva,  Gabicce, Italy, who does beautiful fashion illustrative watercolors (I'd call mixed media, as there is also pastel and ink). She is  an artist I'm familiar with and can attest to the quality, skill, and creativity in her art. 

All Aboard for the Party


As it is impossible to name all the artist represented at the Gallery, please do take a look at the links provided herein, and go take a look for yourself, when you're in Las Vegas. Of note is an upcoming show, currently in the works, for renowned artist Julian Ritter. Ritter became well know as early as the 1950's selling masterful oil paintings of nudes and Showgirls to the Silver Slipper, and continued his career until 2000, when he passed away. I will look forward to seeing this show of Fine Art.

Pinup Telephone


The Pinup Rendezvous was both Burlesque performers, andFashion Show. I highly applaud all the performers and models. Not to mention the makeup artist, seamstress, and all the folks working at the Gallery the Evening of the Rendezvous Event (June 28). For the day in Las Vegas had seen dangerous temps of 121 degrees. The evening approached and the temperature remained relatively high. By Shows end, a little after 10:00 PM, it was still 110 degrees. This was seriously a lot of people devoted to Pinup, and to the showbiz mantra, "The Show Must Go On" !


Amid raffles which benefited the designer's Charity, some good ole 50's rock, and live music towards the end of the evening there were Burlesque Performers. They were indeed limited in space and yet very adept at putting on a Big Show. The burlesque performers included Lou Lou Roxy,

Lou Lou Roxy Pink Fans

  Ella Mental,

Ella Mental blk bra

Darby Fox,

Darby Fox lt Gold w Veil

  Ivana Blaize, and  Heather Hermann    also an artist as mentioned). There was `whoopin' and `hollerin' as there should be at a good ole burlesque show. And the ladies all kept the night alive and full of teasing.


And Mz Mina Kahn - Designer,   was all about putting the "sexy" back into Pinup. The fashion show started late (remember makeup melts in 110 degree weather), but there was sure enough bang for the buck. I think we actually lost a model before the show started due to the heat. But an audience member stepped up and filled the bill.

Mz Mina Kahn Designer


In the fashion show was KitKat Attack (yellow dress)

Kit Kat Attack Yellow Dress

, Caroline Pierce (red and black polka dot dress with a fun surprise at the end !), Ivana Blaize

Ivana Blaize

(corset with black panties and stockings), Heather Hermann 

Heather long skirt

(brown and white corset with lacing on both sides), Darby Fox 

Darby Fox lt Gold w Veil

(light gold dress with veil over eyes), Sabrina Romero (strapless flower skirt), Nicole Cangemi (polka dot 2 piece set), Violet Dune 

Va Va Voom

(burgundy corset with black lace skirt) 

Violet Dune Burgandy Corset

, Jyl Agustin (strapless blue dress), Devyn Shannon 

Devyn Shannon B&W stripe

(black and white vertical stripe dress, and also Ms Mina Kahn's daughter) ....Ophelia Pearl was the stage kitten.

Aliea Foshay

Aliea Foshay Seamstress

assist heavily with final sewing prep for the fashion show bringing things in, just under the wire and onto the stage.

Raven Rex Franco and Melody Rogers on hair and makeup for the fashion show


Sarah Vamp and KitKat Attack

Kit Kat Brent and Sarah Vamp

both were assisting with the raffle, and the nights DJ's were Lucky LaRue and Cyril Noir.

A  very special Host and Proprietor for the evening was the Pinup Pointe Art Gallery Owner Brent Mizel. I have to give kudos  to anyone who can pull off a great show, keep everyone entertained, and get standing applause at the end, when it's all done in sweltering heat to boot. Base on what I saw,  

Carline R, Nicole Cangemi polka dots


Lisa Thibodeau and Stephanie Wetzel

Lucky La Rue DJ


Pinup Patrons


Ladies of the Night

Mike Ace Guitar


Darby Fox and Violet Dune




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