Jabbawockeez Robot Remains Music Release - Listen to the Music

(Las Vegas, NV) August 13, 2010 - The Jabbawockeez continue their trendsetting phenomena of pleasing audiences with their unique style of synchronized, interpretive dance.  They are currently amazing audiences with their third headlining run since their opening night on May 7th of this year at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.   The Jabbawockeez, who are the first dance crew to ever headline in Vegas, have been performing their MUS.I.C. show to sold-out audiences. 

Bangerz single "Robot Remains" produced by Jabbawockeez

But, what is dance but the physical interpretation of the music resonating through our bodies?  Producing the right music is as important to the Jabbawockeez as choreographing their performances.  Working in collaboration with The Bangerz, a group composed of talented and inventive turn-tablist’s and DJ’s, they are able to create their new and exciting dance routines.  The two groups joined forces twelve years ago, and have been inspirational influences in dance and music since then. 

Left to right: Nick Ngo, Goldenchyld, Cutso, Square One, Replay, and G-Wrex

Whether you’ve seen the Jabbawockeez perform in Vegas, (which I highly recommend), or on YouTube.com, you’ve heard the music of The Bangerz.  After performing on America’s Best Dance Crew’s Champions for Charity in April, Jabbawockeez fans have been clamoring to get their hands, (or in this case, their iPod’s), on the music.  On August 18, 2010,  The Bangerz and Jabbawockeez will celebrate the release of this sought after single “Robot Remains” at Haze nightclub in the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. If you haven’t heard the single or seen the Jabbawockeez choreographed dance to the song you can see it performed on YouTube.com by searching the ABDC Champions for Charity event during season 5.

Follow your dreams with your heart

 I had the opportunity to speak Nick Nelson & Dominic ‘GoldenChyld’ of The Bangerz to gain further insight into their music and the group’s relationship with Jabbawockeez. The Bangerz, originally known as The Fingerbangerz, named the single, “Robot Remains”.  This was to signify that, though the name had changed, their music remained the same electro/hip-hop beat that fans had grown to love.  The name change came about as the group recognized that their audience had grown from mature teens to spanning a range from young kids to young adults. In keeping with their positive influence on their younger audience, they decided to drop the first part of their name and keep the signature Bangerz along with their logo the Robot. As a message to these faithful fans that even though their name has changed, the passion, music and group members remain the same – their first single is a clear message that the Robot Remains!

The Music You see

The Bangerz group is comprised of six members: Replay, Gwrex, Qutso, Square-1, GoldenChyld, and Nick-Ngo.  The group of turn-tablist’s and DJ’s, joins their collective talents to produce the trendsetting rhythmic remixes behind the dance that the Jabbawockeez bring to life in their choreographed dance.  What I have found in my interviews with both the Jabbawockeez and The Bangerz is that success comes by way of a passionate pursuit of what you enjoy doing.  “ Robot Remains”, I am certain, is just another apex in the two group’s climb up the ladder of success.

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