ZUMANITY – The Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil at New York New York Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas – Review


Glitz, acrobatics, and sex. Zumanity combines these elements and presents an exciting, titillating and totally entertaining show for adults. 


It’s fascinating how every hotel in Las Vegas seems to have its own personality. From the moment you walk into New York New York, you sense a high level of energy.


On our way from the parking lot to the Zumanity Theatre for the 10 pm late show, there was an overwhelming sense of exhilaration all through the casino. As we roamed the faux New York City streets serving Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Manhattan-style pizzas, Italian Ices and Chinese Food, we saw loads of smiling couples and chatty groups enjoying the food and ambience. The noise and excitement crescendoed as we passed a wildly cheering audience packed around the dueling pianos at the Irish pub.


Arriving at the Zumanity Theater, we were impressed with the sumptuous décor, as well as the statuesque women in corsets and men in tight shorts displaying rippled muscles and tight six-packs. They greeted guests entering the theater and, as we later learned, these same gorgeous hotties were the performers soon to entertain us onstage.




Cirque du Soleil shows are known for their artistic acrobatics, and Zumanity not only lives up to its tradition, but goes much further. This is an adult-themed show, and the performances are designed to both entertain you and stimulate your sensual taste buds.


The evening’s “hostess” is a tall, buxom beauty who opens the show. Only after hearing her voice and listening to her seductive comments and off-color jokes do you realize “she” is a stunning drag queen!



One of the first acts features a duo of nearly-naked women sharing a giant, see-through Waterbowl and doing aquatic acrobatic feats inside. Their bodies move like graceful sea nymphs gliding in and out of the water. It is beautiful, creative and sensual.

Another exciting act is a man who hand balances on a pole, an incredible feat of strength made to look almost easy by this stellar performer. Dima Shine starts out alone then meets a lovely contortionist who seems to fit into his world. She brings him back to earth in this striking act.

In “Straps” a female performer, Louise Yorath does an auto-erotic aerial number. Trapped in her leather bonds, she acrobatically turns and flips high above the audience, with sounds of heavy breathing and ecstasy that may excite some and embarrass others.


One of the most unusual and scintillating acts is when performing artist Jonas Woolverton spins inside a huge wheel. As his “mistress” cracks her whip, he does tricks inside the large wheel that are truly amazing. It is breathtaking when he puts on a blindfold and continues spinning around the stage.


There’s also a tumultuous tango with two men in a cage who are fighting for the affection of a woman; then, through their intensely choreographed fight, they wind up realizing they are in love with each other.

When the little person in the company does his acrobatic flights on a silk, it is dazzling and special. Although he is small in stature, his strength, talent and skills are enormous.

Other numbers include a Midnight Bathwhere Vanessa Convery and Ed Bohlen use milk to caress each other and an “Orgy” with the entire ensemble dancing and flying with acrobatic feats as they engage in hedonistic play.


Zumanity is a seductive twist from the usual Cirque du Soleil fare that includes sensational acrobatics with some naughty fun. It is highly recommended for those seeking a night of entertainment with a sexy flair. It’s fascinating, provocative and playful, and raises a serious question. Can you focus on the complicated acrobatics when the performer is topless? You should go and find out for yourself. It’s worth the trip!


New York New York Hotel & Casino
3790 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 



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