Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood Review - not your normal tassel-twiriling bump-n-grind burlesque show



I had a blast last week going to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas  to see  Zombie Burlesque. I was intrigued with the premise, which I had heard about from some friends.  The  Planet Hollywood  Resort and Casino is a very Hip, Trendy, venue now owned by Caesars Entertainment. I parked for free in Self Park (YAY ) walked around front, entering right off the Strip into the Miracle Mile Shops.





I was headed to the ` V-Theatre '  next to the Showgirl Bar for what promised to be something eerie, fun, and definitely different.  Since  moving to Las Vegas I have covered a lot of Burlesque Shows.  I can now report to you that  * Zombie Burlesque * is not your  normal Tassle-Twiriling, Bump-n-Grind  burlesque show.  Well maybe a few, Bumps and Grinds.






A short walk down the Miracle Mile and I found it.  Just a little door off to the left. I entered and climbed up a dark set of stair, to an open lobby overlooking the Shops below. Thankfully there was  a bar where I could build up my nerve. I'm not typically a fan of Zombies and such. I decided to be brave.





I entered a small theater, Club-Z, and was transported back into time. 1958 to be precise. Ike was President.  Nuclear Bombs were blowing up right near Las Vegas, and now I've come to find out that the undead have taken over.  There is a so-called peace, between the living and the undead, for which a prisoner exchange of sorts has allowed a coexistence. The Zombies have opened  the door to the world of the undead allowing the living to glimpse the debauchery and all the titillating fun.





We, the living, are allowed into Club-Z,  a wonderful cabaret style theatre.  I felt like I was watching all the "Zaniness" and "Goingson"  safely  from my seat, a few rows from the stage.  The show Emcee was the talented Enoch Scott, as Zenoch.  As others would find out during the show, being in any seat, was really not safe.  For Zenoch had a tendency to pull the most unsuspecting of the crowd, onto the stage, to partake in the fun 'Craziness'. Half-way through the show, there was a Zombie munching on the head of a very attractive blonde sitting next to me.  Being a Zombie has some benefits I see.






Enoch Scott had the Southern Charm that disarmed the crown and drew them in as the evening events unfurled.  There were skits aplenty, and so that I don't give too much away, let us just say that you should hold onto anything around, and just enjoy the ride.  While there were far too many performers to name individually here, a couple guys and gals, must be highlighted.  Lola Kelsey as Lola Gangrene , whose legs went all the way to heaven, and Sophia Monica as Sophia LaMorte belted out the sexiest songs of any dead girl I've ever known.  



Be sure to watch for Steve Daly as Tiny Bubbles, she's sure to get your hormones in a tizzy. Patrick Leahy is splendiferous as Mikey.  Mikey will eat anything. And does !  Lastly, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention  the most unique (freaky) member of the Cast, Alonzo Jones as Turf.  Let's just say I envisioned Alonzo on a torture-rack in Ramsay's dungeons at  Winterfell  [Game of Throne Fans will understand ].



Most often I would tell you that a show where they bring up audience members, is going to  be "hokey".  This time I'll have to eat my words (among other body parts perhaps).  Enoch Scott as Emcee, really made the show sing and move, and he has a natural charm that truly built a rapport with the audience.  I talked with Enoch a little after the show, and found out that after graduating from college, in North Carolina,  he's been performing here in Vegas for about 12 years .  His Improv experience no doubt a key to his raport with the audience 




Lest we not forget the free lime green  Jello Shots everyone gets during the show.  I'd say everyone had a great time, and all the living got out alive. Although, at the end, that was a bit questionable. Zombie Burlesque is Crazy, Wild, Fun, and lots going on all the time.  A 7 piece live band keep things up and moving all the time. Beware, do not panic,  if you find a gorgeous Zombie  eating your head.



I was delighted with the wonderful production values with lighting. Especially with the Live Band and Music throughout the show. A rarity nowadays.  The show originated with David Saxe, he created the concept with inspiration from the hit TV show The Walking Dead. I thought the choreography by Tiger Martina was outstanding, with lots of performers all about, all the time. I  highly recommend the Show for something in Vegas that's lots of fun, and different from the "normal" Showrooms , and Shows.  Don't let the off-color humor, and craziness, scare you off. Loosen Up a little. Have Fun ! 



For technical reasons I was not allowed to photograph the performance myself.  My apologies. Most of the photographs herein are provided by Zombie Burlesque and used with permission. As are the Video Links. In my future there will no doubt be more Burlesque Shows to report on here in Splash. Perhaps  I will also do some 'Mainstream' Shows.   PERHAPS < hint hint > Planet Hollywood will invite me to review  the Brittany Spears concert and show.  



You can check show times, and get your tickets to Zombie Burlesque at the V-Theatre Box Office. Watch for my new Articles here in Splash Magazine, and as posted on Facebook. I appreciate the notes, emails, and comments, and always like to  know  how I can make things more interesting for my fans and readers.        

See you on the Living Side. 

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